Wednesday, February 11, 2009

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: Witness Shares Recent Close Encounter Near Stephenville, Texas

UFO Seen Near Stephenville on 2-5-09
Reader Submitted Report

     Did anyone else see UFO lights on Thursday, Feb 5, 2009?????

I was traveling South on Hwy 281 sometime between 7:30 and 8PM, 20 miles North of Stephenville, Texas and first thought I saw a plane about to land on/near the highway REAL close to me. In fact I slowed down because I thought it was truly landing and would pass over me before it would land. There are no airports near there. It had three "yellowish" lights - one near the front and two at the outer wings (so I thought - I couldn't see an airplane body). It was "slanting" and approaching the road in front of me to the right of the highway. Then the "lights" went off, only to reappear - one at a time, closer together and no longer in "formation" - ahead of me over the highway.

At that time I realized they were not "near" me, but rather about two miles down the road - and were very large lights. Each light would rise, then fall on its own, and as it rose, it would "roll off". By that, I mean it was as if you raised a flashlight from horizontal to straight up, but the light completely disappeared. Then two of the lights started to kinda figure-8 in the sky around each other - each time they rose they would "roll-off". Then three of them started intermingling doing the same thing. It was as if when they hit a certain height, they would go off (completely).

The lights were not "shinning" - they gave off no reflective light. Then four of the lights did the same all around each other. I first thought they were fireworks, but quickly realized they were NOT. Then I thought they were small planes doing acrobatics - but at night?? In complete darkness?? Besides, all planes have green and red lights on their wings - these completely disappeared when the lights "rolled off".

Then I thought they were parachuters, but how could they perform the up/down/left/right movements they were doing??? Then... a straight roll of ten to fifteen lights (Idid not count them) - all very close together, too close to be planes or parachuters - "rolled on", just to the right of the figure-8, loop-to-loopy, up and down, left and right movementing four lights - all at the very same time. They stayed on for about 15 seconds, then all lights "rolled off" and everything vanished.

The whole thing lasted about one minute. I searched the sky and could see nothing - no trace, no figures, no planes. I was really excited and I knew the car behind me saw them too, since it was tailgating me prior to the event, then it slowed down and dropped way back and seem to be searching the sky for further events, as was I. The sky was dark at the time, but shortly afterwards it was lit by the moonlight. I figured whatever it was would not return, so I kept going - though I kept looking up and in my rear view mirror. I've seen sky lights do funny things - usually "one" light like a falling star - but NEVER anything like this!
This is something I will never forget!

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