Sunday, February 15, 2009

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: Triangular Shaped UFO Seen Near Eglin AFB

Triangular Shaped UFO Seen Near Eglin AFB 1-26-09.jpg
Reader Submitted Report

     Monday evening, January 26, 2009, I stepped out back for a cigarette during a commercial break. I live a few miles from both Eglin AFB and Hurlburt Field, and we are accustomed to aircraft of all kinds flying or ripping about the sky. The evening was clear and cold, the time was 20:28hours to 20:32 hrs. My eyes had become accustomed to the dark, and I was trying to discern the fainter stars in Orion which was high in the Southern night sky.

Had I not been staring at this location intently, I would never have been able to see a triangle shaped craft flying an estimated 200’ to 400’ in altitude. The outline was clearly visible, and while “darker” than the night sky background, it seemed translucent. Other than a clear outline, the inside dimensions blended very well with the background, much like that Schwartzneggar movie, Predator. It was traveling from due West of my position to due East. No lights, and absolutely no noise. The perfect stealth craft as it startled me that something could get that close, that low, that was so hard to discern visibly, other than the fact that I happened to be looking intently right where it flew into my line of sight.

Speed was a constant slow speed, altitude and direction maintained, until it disappeared behind trees on the horizon. On its current track, it would have crossed the main runway at Hurlburt Field within another minute or two. With no running lights, this could have logically been a potential for a problem. Estimated width was 40’ +/- ten feet. Harder at night.

Had I not been looking in the exact spot at that exact moment, this would have passed right over my head without me noticing. And that was a bit disturbing. Now, when I go out, I don’t look up in the same manner as I did before. Because I know that something like this could be right behind or even overhead, and you’ll likely not be able to discern the faint shape, due to the “blending” of the surface.


  1. I can attest that I had witnessed exactly the same happening you described in your post just yesterday here in Tetuan, northern Morocco around 10:30pm

    3 more people witnessed the same and I come to the conclusion that either it's a craft so advanced made by humans or made by someone else!

  2. I seen the exact same translucent triangle as pictured above. Pretty big, no sounds, not going very fast, and rather low to the ground. 4am on a crystal clear night

  3. I noticed the picture first then read the story and it sounds and looks a lot like a possible ufo on google earth in Argentina. The coordinates are lat: 34°36'30.96"S long: 58°21'53.03"W


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