Thursday, November 20, 2008

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: Army Veteran Takes Cover While V-shape Craft Passes Overhead!

Triangular Shaped UFO Over Virginia
By Reader Submitted Report

     I live in Xxxx Xxxxxxx Virginia, I am a 33 year old Army Veteran and in 9 yrs of Army service I have seen some crazy stuff, but this takes the cake!

It was on 7 Nov 08 at about 8:00PM, I just left a friends from down the road to pick up some things from my house, I looked behind my property and above the pines I noticed a light that seemed like a plane with its fog light on or something. I waited to see it pass over because it just seemed weird to me, I have never seen one shine like this, at first I thought it was a star? as it came over I got down beside my truck and hid, I only freaked out because my dog went under the porch and he is not bothered by much!! it was the shape of a triangle and had these weird lights that almost seemed like a floresant light that was kinda blue and square lights in the back. I was pretty dam scared because I kept telling myself "any moment I will hear the engines from the jet motors after it passes over" I swear it never made a sound as it passed over! I mean I could have spit on it it was so close, whats so funny is that the next day I could'nt remember details about the craft so I thought about it and went inside and drew a picture of it on my computer, My wife thinks Im crazy but I cant help what I saw! anyways thanks for hearing me out!!

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