Monday, October 13, 2008

Brookhaven Lab Report is a Hoax!
Philip Mantle Issues Statement


By Philip Mantle

Philip Mantle      It would seem that I have been the victim of a cruel fraud and that Dr R.Ronald Rau of the Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) has been the victim as well.

Let me explain:

I am a UFO researcher and author in the UK. Last year I visited a location in the New Mexico desert that a colleagues believes is the location of a UFO crash. There are various anomalies there and I brought back some rock samples. Earlier this year I was contacted via email by a Dr Ronnie Milione from New York. During an email conversation I mentioned these rock samples and he informed me that he had a colleague at the Brookhaven National Laboratory who could take a look at them for me. I sent the rock samples to Milione and just a few weeks ago the lab reports were sent to me. These are attached for your attention. If anyone would like a copy please feel free to contact me direct.

Milione’s colleague was allegedly a Dr Ronald Rau. I contacted the BNL via email and their media department confirmed there was such a person but he was retired but still held a post there.

The lab reports confirmed a UFO crash site and I published these in the national news media in the UK. The story was subsequently sent around the world. In the meantime Ronnie Milione had supplied me with a telephone number and an email address for Dr Rau. I could not reach him on the phone but had several e-mail’s from him. The BNL had supplied me with a different email address but they were not sure if it was correct.

Yesterday I received an email from Frank Warren of The UFO Chronicles web site ( who had been contacted by someone from the BNL stating that they had spoken to Dr Rau and he denied all knowledge of any such tests and labs reports. I phoned Ronnie Milione is New York and he gave me a not too convincing story. I then contact Dr Rau via the email address provided by the BNL and he has told me that he has never tested any such rock samples and that’s it. His full email is reproduced here:

“Mr. Mantle, all of this is nonsense. I have never dealt with rocks from New Mexico or any other place. I am a High Energy Physicist not a geologist. I am retired from Brookhaven National Laboratory and they know about this fabrication. I do know casually Dr. Milione as he helped me set up a new computer a few months ago.

Please stop this fabrication. Thank you Dr. R. Ronald Rau.”

I also checked with a person I respect in the USA who gave a me a long list of frauds and falsehoods that Ronnie Milione had previously been involved with . I could not however find anything on the internet that detailed anything suspicious about Ronnie Milione. I had checked this before but drew a complete blank. However, I have no doubt that my colleague in the USA is telling me the truth.

Basically this whole thing has been a fraud perpetrated by Ronnie Milione. He has produced fake lab reports on Brookhaven headed stationary and has used one of their doctor’s names fraudulently. As a result I will be consulting my lawyer on Monday to see if I can sue for damages.

I have emailed Dr Rau to apologise and advised him to consult a legal representative. I have also contacted the BNL to advise them of this and have suggested they too seek legal advice. I have offered my assistance to both Dr Rau and the BNL should they choose to take legal action against Ronnie Milione.

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to ask. I can only apologise to the BNL and Dr Rau for any embarrassment caused but the culprit is Ronnie Milione and the BNL. Dr R.Ronald Rau and I are the victims.

I would like to thank Frank Warren for alerting me to this and for my colleague in the USA for supplying me with the low down on Ronnie Milione. For the record I phoned Milione on his land line this morning but guess what, it was coming up and engaged. I did however leave a message on his mobile answering service telling him just what I thought of him. Any further communication with him will now be with my lawyer. However, if anyone would like his full contact details please let me know and I will gladly supply them.

Lessons have been learnt but unlike the Alien Autopsy Film which took me 14 years to prove as a fraud, these sorry events only took a few days.

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