Saturday, October 11, 2008

Brookhaven Lab Report is a Hoax!

UFO Crash Site
By Frank Warren
The UFO Chronicles
© 10-11-08

     On Wednesday we published a press release, forwarded to us by Ufologist "Philip Mantle"; the report named a Dr. Rau and the Brookhaven Lab as participants in the scientific analysis of samples taken from an alleged UFO crash site; in part the report went as follows:
In 2008 samples of these rocks were sent to Dr R.Ronald Rau, a physicist with the Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York. Dr Rau is a respected scientist in the physics field whose current research includes theoretical particle physics; numerical simulations of quantum field theory and computational physics. In two technical reports Dr Rau concluded that the cause of the effects found at the site in Nogal Canyon were the result of a UFO.
Yesterday a “new” (registered same day) member of the ATS forum calling himself “Pete G.” responding to the press release as discussed in a thread there stated:
"I work in the Media & Communications Office at Brookhaven Lab. Claims have been posted online that Dr. R. Ronald Rau at Brookhaven National Laboratory recently confirmed an alleged UFO crash site by analyzing rock samples from the area. These claims are false.

Dr. Rau retired from Brookhaven Lab in 1990 and now holds a guest appointment at the lab. He did not analyze rock samples, he has not written reports on rocks, and he had no knowledge of these claims until contacted on October 8, 2008, by a reporter.

When Dr. Rau was a working scientist, he did experiments using particle accelerators. As an administrator, he held various appointments in senior management at Brookhaven Lab.

The rock analysis reports attributed to Dr. Rau appear to be poorly made forgeries that are only distinguished by the use of the Brookhaven Lab and U.S. Department of Energy logos, which are readily available online. They are not in the format of an official Brookhaven Lab report and have multiple grammatical and spelling errors."
I immediately checked the Brookhaven web-site, and verified that Dr. Rau was indeed retired; moreover, there was an individual in the Media & Communications Office at Brookhaven Lab by the name of "Peter Genzer," although it is uncertain whether the ATS member is one and the same at this time.

Knowing Philip Mantle to be a man of good character, I immediately (yesterday) alerted him to the situation and asked for an explanation, he said, "I’ll look into this ASAP."

Today, he contacted Dr. Rau by e-mail and Rau wrote:
"Mr. Mantle, all of this is nonsense. I have never dealt with rocks from New Mexico or any other place. I am a High Energy Physicist not a geologist . . .."
Philip indicated that he used a "liason" in regards to Dr. Rau and apparently, therein lies the problem.

Mantle has conveyed to me his anger, frustration and embarrassment in this matter and will be issuing a statement tomorrow.

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