Saturday, October 11, 2008

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: Helicopters Pursue UFO Over Phoenix Skies!

UFO Over Phoenix
Reader Submitted Report

     I traveled from Xxxxxxx to Phoenix on business on September 11th for a corporate event on the morning of the 12th. I was staying at the Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxx and think I was on about the 7th floor.

I had seen a sandstorm approaching on the horizon and at first thought it was a rainstorm. I'd been out on the balcony watching it for awhile until it got too dusty for my eyes, and I went back in.

When the storm passed and it got dark, I went back out and noticed a large stationary orange-yellow light, hanging in the air over the city. I kept watching it and noticed it wasn't moving at all but continued to get brighter. Immediately, a number of helicopters arrived from different directions and began closing on it, whereupon the light faded out over a few seconds. I continued to watch for several minutes, and after a flash of lightning near where it vanished, the UFO reappeared in the same spot and hung in the sky for another 10 minutes or so. Then there was another lightning flash and it faded out again.

I kept watching the sky and suddenly remembered I had a camera with me; a Canon 8 Mega Pixel digital camera that had a video function. I'd only had the camera for a few days and had never used the video function. It was easy and intuitive to operate though, and with its 12X optical/digital zoom and a 4 Gig memory card, I hoped I'd be able to get some footage that would indicate how bizarre this was.

After watching the sky for probably 20 minutes, I noticed the UFO off to the left over the city and began to film it. I took 5 segments of video and all are included. I recommend watching them in order, with the Intro video first. They start slow, but get better...

[Video will be published soon]

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