Sunday, August 17, 2008

USAF Still Silent on Stephenville

UFO Radar Image ear Stephenville
By Billy COx
De Void

Billy COxIt’s been five quiet and patient days now since De Void began pressing the U.S. Air Force for a response to MUFON’s report on the UFO tracked by FAA radar near Stephenville, Tex., on Jan. 8.

The unenviable man in the middle is Maj. Karl Lewis, the media chief for the 301st Fighter Wing at the Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base at Carswell Field. On Monday, Lewis said he hadn’t read the analysis, released in July, so he couldn’t address its conclusions.

De Void sent him the link at, and followed up with phone calls. Lewis, who’s already been burned once by getting caught outside the information loop, said Wednesday he was kicking it upstairs for comment. On Friday, the major said he was still “hammering away” for a response.

De Void doesn’t expect much; a simple “no comment” would suffice. Government bureaucracies are all pretty much alike, and the Air Force’s public position that it no longer collects UFO data is like the Drug Enforcement Administration’s robotic insistence that marijuana is a Schedule I drug on par with heroin and crank. Never let massive evidence to the contrary alter policy positions that might affect federal funding.

The downside of such calcified obstinacy is that it makes loyal employees charged with disseminating official nonsense to the real world look worthless.

When Lewis was initially queried in January about witnesses seeing the UFO being pursued by jet fighters, he said they probably mistook the planes for airliners because the USAF had nothing in the sky that night. Nearly two weeks later, Lewis had to reverse himself and said there were 10 F-16s in the vicinity.

Because the MSM never follows up on UFOs, the USAF paid no penalty for its initial obfuscation. But last month, MUFON used civilian radar records to profile an aircraft without a transponder making a beeline for restricted airspace over President Bush’s “Western White House” in Crawford. FAA data indicates jet inteceptors never responded.

Even though civilian agencies had no trouble complying with MUFON’s Freedom of Information Act requests, the military refused to release uncensored flight logs of its planes, and claimed it couldn’t find its own radar records from that night.

Memo to the brass: Do the right thing. Issue a “no comment” press release on Stephenville and quit hanging people like Karl Lewis out to dry.

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