Thursday, June 05, 2008

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: High Altitude Plane is Paced By Unknown

My UFO Experience
Reader Submitted Report

     On Sunday the 23rd of March 2008 aprox 2pm I was standing near our sliding glass door looking and listening to the nature in the back yard. A few “smoke trails” from the rear of a silent plane flying (pure guess) @ 35,000 plus feet. This plane was dead silent but I could see the smoke and could see the plan for which it was coming. I opened my sliding glass door so I could continue watching this plane – just wondering what the pilot was doing way up in the sky on this beautiful Easter afternoon.

I’m squinting my eyes so I can stay focused on this jet plane making its way across the sky. Suddenly a silver dot (that’s what it looked like from my perspective) appeared to be flying next to the plane. I made a few – “Am I seeing something or is it dirt in my eye etc.” Self checks. Screaming for my wife (she was on the phone) I keep watching the plane and silver (shaped like the mercury drop from a temp. gauge ) dot fly next to each other then after a very short period of time this silver dot makes a right turn (aprox. 45 degrees). This right turn was like you’d do after driving under an over pass and turn right (a 45 degree loop).

I am not an engineer nor aero space person but if a silver dot is flying at similar speeds as a plane and then for it to make a turn is very – impossible? I wonder if anyone else in the area sold this?

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  1. Planes can turn. Could it simply have been another plane? For example, maybe the main aircraft was a tanker and the other a fighter refuelling from it.


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