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NBC DATELINE UFO PROGRAM: “Flares, Balloons, Fighter Jets and Squid Boats, Oh My!”

“10 Close Encounters Caught on Tape” (Crpd)
By Mike Fortson
© 5-21-08

Mike Fortson (C Sml)     Dateline’s Sunday night program titled, “10 Close Encounters Caught on Tape” should be renamed to; “Flares, Balloons, Fighter Jets and Squid Boats, Oh My!” What a total waste of the viewer’s time!

As we patiently await full disclosure, we are once again reminded that there are deceitful forces out there that actually get more on-air video time than the actual witnesses. These so-called “skeptics,” whom I have some choice (unflattering) words for distract the viewing audience and actually claim that all witnesses are not really seeing what they saw! What? That’s right! You really didn’t see that, because “it” doesn’t exist. And we all know none of us common folk are really supposed to look up, are we? I mean, we can’t determine if a commercial aircraft is flying at 27,000’ heading east or if it’s 400’ at tree top level heading south. We just can’t tell the difference. And an airline pilot doesn’t know the difference between an object flying alongside his aircraft and fishing lights from a squid trawler 20,000’ below him? Excuse me while I go and hurl. (Again)

Case in point: Stephenville, Texas, January 8, 2008 here’s where some 200+ Texans witnessed the unusual objects, lights, orbs and a mile-long half mile wide object. This was easily debunked by these two-legged turds (ooops) as F-16’s from a near-by military base. What! Are you kidding me? Are you telling me that these good people in Stephenville and surrounding towns don’t know the difference? What about the incredibly loud noise coming from not one, but 10 F-16’s? These people are very used to military aircraft in their area. But, nooooo, claim the misleading debunkers, it was military jets and a vivid imagination. Excuse me while I go and hurl again.

But it was the Phoenix Lights case that I am most offended by. Why? Because, I saw the craft! Yes, Mr. Shermer I had an excellent position for our sighting. It was not a high altitude aircraft. It was a massive V shaped craft that I claimed to be over a mile long! And it did not fly high over my head Mr. Shermer. It passed in front of me Just above treetop level and completely silent. And something else, Mr. Shermer…I could tell it was a single massive object as it was visible in the “grey” background of the Phoenix metro area’s lights. I had a grey background to view a black massive mile-long V shaped craft. This was 8:30 PM. The “intentional diversionary flare drop” was at 10PM. But, they just had to mix the timeline up and intentionally confuse everyone.

Now, let’s talk about something else in the Phoenix Lights case. I prefer to call it “The Massive UFO Flyover of Arizona, March 13, 1997”. First was the failure to disclose the timeline. One part of the magnificent evening that you debunkers fail to distort is the 5:30 PM, MST., daytime sightings from Sunset Point near Crown King, Arizona. Yes, again I will say it…daytime sighting. This is where all three massive V shaped craft were seen together…hovering near Crown King. Sixteen known witnesses pulled off the I-17 to watch in amazement as 2 fighter jets approached from the south. The 3 massive V shaped craft then “pancaked” on top of each other, formed a white ball of light, and vanished! Whoa! That might be a little too strong for you! Do you need to lie down?

Well, how about this….a search and rescue joint practice for fire fighters and police was being held in the far north valley. (Cave Creek) This was near 8:25 PM, MST. Guess what? A slow moving, V shaped craft of unearthly size “floated” overhead. They all stood and stared in total amazement. They tried to get the helicopter pilot to go up and see what this “other worldly object” was. He refused to do so.

Do you want more? What stops a little league game? As one of the massive objects passed at an incredible low altitude the game was stopped. Not by parents or umpires, but to the amazement of what all in attendance were seeing. Not one player, parent, coach or umpire yelled, “it’s an airplane” or “it’s a flare” but they all stood in total amazement as the massive V shaped object slowly passed overhead without making a sound.

Want more? How about an airline captain who was told, “we are not a threat”, as the massive object passed overhead. What about two college professors and their daughters who witnessed the massive object on the I-10 heading towards Phoenix as the craft approached directly overhead? The object reversed itself and was now above their BMW going backwards. The driver was told, “Keep on driving, this does not concern you!”

There is so much more, but I know that all this will “fall on your deaf ears.” But when you claim that we did not see what we are trying to describe, it really irks me. What incentive is there to deceive and mislead the viewing public. I guess that’s the order…so the people will just go to bed and not worry about these things.

Maybe a debunker said it best about us witnesses to the unknown….”this is exactly why people shouldn’t be allowed to look up!”

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  1. Dear Mike,
    Although I wouldn't hold my breath for true disclosure from the government. I was not expecting much from the NBC report and that's is what I got. Schaffer is a jackal in sheep's clothing. Like all debunkers they don't have the nerve to come out and call people liars, because then they might have a suit on their hands. He basically called the Trent family liars and hoaxers, but never directly. He knew they never made a cent and try to make them appear liars because the reported they saw more then one. What really bothers me is they are never, never get called on it up front. That should happen more often, and the character attacks without evidence should be challenge. Our society is becoming sick with innuendo, and smear tactics. Even some UFO researchers act like debunkers, dismissing any witness who doesn't meet their latest theory. It is witnesses like yourself which stand up for the truth which is the only armor against these religious zealots of one kind of thinking. Without the witnesses their would be no story to tell.

    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters


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