Wednesday, May 21, 2008

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: Witness Recounts Family Abduction

My UFO Experience
Reader Submitted Report

I am sending this story with some trepidation because it involves X the unknown and some might not want those who have had close encounters of the first kind to be vocal about the experience .... My abductors were kind,not harmful and so I will send my story to you as a good will gesture to them and others of their race If in fact it was not a dream so real I can never forget it...

     In 1972 early evening I was babysitting my friend's children my friends and I had a system where we took turns babysitting, cooking and enjoying a night out with our husbands... We took turns at this arrangement... It was my night to babysit and my neighbors night to cook.

I had a system with the kids, littlest ones inside with me kindergartners on the front porch and older ones in front of the house.

My friend who was cooking gave me a strange phone call said she could not see the kids through the fog. I could see all of the kids and no fog I assured her everything was ok and I would check to make sure joked with her about you really need to lay off that cooking sherry.

As I went outside with the smaller ones beside me the older kids were pointing up at the sky. I looked up to see the weirdest contraption I have ever seen It looked like the space station with some sort of scoop things coming out of it... My grandfather worked at the Philly Navy Base. and my hubby had been USAirForce Sargent in Alaska so I tried to be rational and scientific minded,was thinking that this had to be a military experiment,possibly about weather.

I have no further memory of this craft until I woke up middle of the night in my bed trembling so hard I could hardly walk and feeling terrified... My kids were in bed with me,dog at bottom of bed and cat on the pillows near head board. It is how we slept when my hubby worked overnight shift...

As I watched in astonishment the wall opened up in back of the bed. It looked like how an origami flower would open up. I saw a being standing there in front of what seemed to be a hospital unit... No one on the bed stirred kids and pets slept soundly He was average height and white with black eyes He looked right at me and asked if I was alright. I might have been terrified but my bad temper never quits I asked him what business of his was it to have abducted me He sort of seemed confused and then said "I am in the business of procreation" I almost fell down in disbelief He went on to tell me he was the same as medical interns in earth hospitals.

I think if I had remained calm he would have shared more He was very kind not like the bogie man stories abductees normally tell of their abductors. I was really frightened though as if I were seeing a ghost He said goodbye and the wall closed up

I woke up in the morning back in my bed with the kids and pets... There is a lot of missing time and mental blockage here No one else remembers it or if they do they have never said or admitted it to me... The neighbor who saw the fog and could not see the children died of cancer years ago My daughter was 6 at the time became terrified of people in masks for many years after, eventually she got over this phase

My son was 3 when this took place and for the longest time he held his bowels,was afraid to go to the bathroom... I could be wasting your time,could have all been dream... I just don't know! It seemed so real!

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