Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Aztec UFO Crash: Jerry Pippin Interviews Research Team Scott & Suzanne Ramsey

Suzanne & Scott Ramsey with Jerry Pippin
By Jerry Pippin

Jerry Pippin in Action (Crpd)     Continuing our coverage of the Aztec UFO crash in 1948 and conference coverage by Dennis Balthaser and Farah Yurdozu, Jerry talks in depth with Scott and Suzanne Ramsey, the lead investigators in this story. They tell Jerry about a UFO fleet flying over near by Farmington, evidence of the burned ET bodies being taken away in the middle of the night by the US Army and much more. A spellbinding hour of intrigue and mystery revealed by the two people who have spent years researching this incident.


  1. Great suffering and most barragrugous Zot, may the water nixies and noble born forgive me, but that woman gets better looking every time I see her! It becomes difficult to remember the flying saucers! [g].


  2. I have to agree with Alfred,

    That young lady gets better looking everyday !!!!!!!!!

    Scott Ramsey


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