Monday, February 18, 2008

UFO Photographed Over The Bay Area

UFO Photographed Near San Mateo California (B)2-16-08
Strange Light/Object over the Bay Area [pics]

By Diplomat
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     Tonight my sister and I were driving to San Mateo to visit some old friends. As we approached the San Mateo Bridge toll plaza we noticed a strange light above the hills, seeming as if maybe it was out over the ocean. I am guessing the light was somewhere near Half Moon Bay.

The appearance of the light at first looked very similar to a contrail illuminated by the sunset. But what was strange was this light did not seem to move. It seemed to remain the same size/shape and position while we drove over the bridge, until it started to seem a little smaller before being covered by the rising hills.

UFO Photographed Near San Mateo California 2-16-08
The idea of that failed sattelite entering our orbit entered my mind, but once again, it wasn't really moving downwards or anything as if it were falling or progressing at least. Then I thought it could possibly be some sort of light phenomenon with the Sun. If it is some sort of light phenomenon it is definitely nothing I have ever seen from many years of seeing sunsets in the Bay Area.

It appears to be moving downward in this sequence of pictures because the Earth was rotating upwards. I watched it the whole time and the light was not moving upward or downwards, it stayed in one position.

I managed to grab a handful of shots with my sister's camera. I really have no clue what it was and I am hoping you guys can took a look at these pics and we can figure it out.

UFO Photographed Near San Mateo California (B Crpd) 2-16-08

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