Monday, February 18, 2008

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: Witness Recounts Chevron Shaped UFO That Hovered and Disappeared!

UFO Drawing 1964

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"Suddenly as if like a zipper, the light shut off and the object disappeared before our eyes."

By Reader Submitted Report

     I was recently visiting my Daughter in Maryland when we heard about the latest sighting of a UFO in Texas. I told my daughter about an event I and some of my friends had witnessed back in 1964. She said I should pass this info on those who might be interested even though it happens a long time ago.

On August 12, 1964 I was Burbank, CA having dinner on the veranda of a well known restaurant ( the Castaways ) located on a high hill right in the center of Burbank, CA. It was around 7:00 PM and there were at least 50 outside eating when all of a sudden some women next to us called everyone’s attention to an object in the sky. The sky was dark but not real black and what I saw as I looked up was what looked like was a large flying wing moving horizontal and coming towards us. It moved slowly and there was a brilliant white wavy light streaming a long distance from the trailing edge of the wing. It looked like it was going to pass right over our heads soon and I felt we would eventually see some markings on what appeared to be a brown colored metallic wing that would identify the object. By this time 3 minutes had passed and before it got overhead it stopped and then turned vertically upright and hover for less than a minute then the light on the trailing edge got very bright and extended its length from the trailing edge about a factor of 5. Suddenly as if like a zipper, the light shut off and the object disappeared before our eyes. Everyone was talking about it but after a few minutes everyone resumed their meal as if nothing had happened. My friend and I went inside the restaurant and used the phone to call a local TV station to see if any one else in Burbank had seen what we had seen, the answer was no.

I am a retired international oil/gas geologist and geophysicist; in 1964 I had come over from Algeria to have some seismic sections processed at the Bendix lab in Pasadena, CA. The next day I told my friend, Xxxxxx Xxxxxx, who was in charge of the Lab about what I had seen. He told me to contact the military air force base near by, I did but they kept passing me on to someone else until I finally stopped trying to pass this info on.

To whoever might read this, the white light coming from the trailing edge of the wing was not like the rays of white flood light, this light was wavy like when one sees heat coming off the headway on a very hot day.

The attachment to this letter shows a sketch of what this UFO looked like.

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