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Cornwall UFO -- It's a Bird Damn It!

Bird Reported To Be UFO

By Frank Warren
The UFO Chronicles
© 1-2-08

     Based on the responses from our truth seeking readers, the consensus is that the so-called Cornwall UFO is indeed a bird.

From my perspective it’s a no-brainer, as these instances of pics of objects in the distance are not uncommon. The indiscretion on this occasion is the premature association by mainstream media to associate the object in question—a bird with a UFO, more specifically, an exotic craft of some sort without investigation.

In doing some quick research, I believe the bird to be a “Herring Gull” which is not uncommon on the shores of Great Britain; while preparing some images for examples of other “bird/UFOs,” one of our readers, Lou Zucaro beat me to the punch and offered up this comparison:

- click on images to enlarge -

Cornwall-Seagull By Lou Zucaro
I found another right-angle shot of a “Herring Gull” and used the following as a demonstration:

Bird UFO Comparison (A)
Now clearly there is no doubt that the original image is a bird . . . but not unlike “Fox Mulder” there are going to be those who “want” to believe otherwise.

* Special Thanks To Lou Zucaro

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  1. I hope the true believers finally accept this is a bird. I've tried telling a few of them, on various forums, but to no avail. Let's hope this article does the trick! Thanks for posting :).

  2. Hi Siani,

    There will always be those whose desires will outweigh their objectivity.


  3. no is a Bird it is a UFO really, eye perspective in photo.
    Celso from Brazil

  4. Hi Frank,

    I'm a regular visitor to your valuable pages and updates, but have seen only today your article about the Cornwall "UFO".

    I just wanted to say that even at the time of seeing the original article published in The Sun "news"paper in the UK (never known for its serious, or even truthful, reporting) I was sure that it was just a bird; some sort of gull. I was especially alarmed by the fact that the photographer didn't see the object at the time the picture was taken. Many such inadvertent pictures show, it is claimed, UFOs, but in reality show birds, insects and such like. Also, there seems to be an increasing number of people producing pictures containing reflections and claiming that they're UFOs. A recent widely distributed example being a "UFO" snapped over London from inside a car at night (and again published in The Sun) that looked suspiciously like the reflection of the car's speedometer. I have recently been exchanging e-mails with a guy who claims to have photographed two UFOs from inside the cockpit of a private light aircraft. On viewing the pictures it's clear as day that the two objects are, in fact, reflections of everyday metallic objects located inside the cockpit that are also present in the original photo! However, the guy in question, who seems, from his e-mails, to be a perfectly intelligent, rational and educated individual, just WILL NOT ACCEPT that what he has is a picture of reflections and not UFOs. He won't even answer simple questions on how the objects appeared to move, how long he saw them for, etc. So I can confer with you, Frank, that some people only want to hear one thing.

    I always preach the importance of being open-minded and objective; to look for the earthly before resorting to considering the unearthly. Sadly, this seems lost on many people.

    Thanks again for this site, Frank. And apologies that this comment is so long (now more an essay than a comment!).

    Best regards,
    Neil Jenkins

  5. Who are these people who try to discredit ufo sightings? I sometimes think that they are part of a government ministry of disinformation, whose sole purpose is to keep the population in ignorance and concentrated on things that really matter, like football or bingo! I am as sceptical as anybody but the Cornwall sighting ain't no bird. If it were it would be of huge dimensions and weigh several tons!

    Mr. V.S. Wilson

  6. Dear Mr. Wilson,

    You wrote:

    "Who are these people who try to discredit ufo sightings?"

    "Discrediting UFO sightings" and analyzing evidence are two separate and distinct actions.

    You wrote:

    I am as sceptical as anybody but the Cornwall sighting ain't no bird.

    Your comments would lead one to believe that "you only read the title" of the a fore mentioned article and skipped over the points and "photographic evidence" in support of the declaration.

    You wrote:

    If it were it would be of huge dimensions and weigh several tons!

    How so?



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