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Another Look at the Pyramids of Giza

Great Pyramids of Giza
By Dennis Balthaser
© 1-1-08

     For the past six years I have thoroughly enjoyed my association with the Great Pyramids of Giza Research Association Advisory board, following the research of such well known researchers as Stephen Mehler, Joe Parr, Chris Dunn and others under the Directorship of John DeSalvo, PhD.

Land of OsirisThe research of Stephen Mehler, has been of particular interest to me as a Ufolgist, and caught my attention with the knowledge he has obtained and shared in his book, “The Land of Osiris”, that a civilization known as Khemitians existed in North Africa before the Egyptian civilization, which supposedly had contact with “star people”. It appears to be a well-accepted fact by many of us that the Sphinx and three pyramids of Giza are by factual information much older than the Egyptian civilization. The truth about these structures is well protected however, by Dr. Hawass of the Egyptian Department of Antiquities, and in many of the books and documentaries that have surfaced by “other researchers” and Egyptologists, containing dubious information about the history of the pyramids. It appears that the bureaucracy within the Department of Antiquities and Dr. Hawass is extensive, and suppressive in finding factual information.

Great PyramidThe Great PyramidI recently became aware of another researcher Ken Klein who has produced two extraordinary DVD documentaries (“The Great Pyramid: Lost Legend of Enoch” and “The Great Pyramid: Message from the Stars”) that shed new light on the truth behind the pyramids of Giza, and in my view, help factually prove that the pyramids of Giza could not have been built by the Egyptians. Were other pyramids in Egypt build by Egyptians? Yes, but not the three on the Giza plateau.

Pyramid InnardsAs we are constantly told, the 30-year time frame to build the pyramids of Giza is totally inaccurate and not even possible when the calculations are done. 2.4 million blocks of stone weighing between 3 and 5 tons each were quarried at the Aswan quarry, which would have been an achievement in itself with the tools available to the Egyptians. It’s also known that 3 different types of stones were utilized to build the great pyramid; the inner core blocks which are visible today were limestone, the Kings chamber and other inner chambers were very hard red granite, and the polished casing stones (removed years ago to build mosques and other buildings), were white limestone. It’s interesting to note that some of the red granite stones used for the King’s chamber ceiling joists were 5’ wide, 7’ thick and 32’ long, weighing up to 80 tons each. They would have had to been cut, lifted and transported to the Nile river, floated by barge, of which there are no records anywhere in Egypt indicating such tools or equipment would have been available.

Pyramid ShotFinally the 80-ton red granite stones would have had to be lifted 150 feet up, to place them where the Kings chamber and anti-chambers are located in the great pyramid. Transporting such massive stones on barges would have also been a problem, since the Nile River annually flooded before the Aswan High Dam was completed in 1970. Work could have only been accomplished about 9 months out of the year, however using the 30-year time frame we’re supposed to accept, it would have been necessary to quarry, transport and set a stone every 90 seconds, 24-7, 365 days a year, to fit the 30-year time frame. As a matter of note, the144, 000 polished casing stones, weighing 15 tons each, that once covered the pyramid, would have also had to have been quarried, polished, transported and placed with a space tolerance of 1/50th of an inch between them utilizing mortar joints. Were the casing stones with mortar joints on the outer surface used to keep water out of the pyramid? I’ll address that with Mr. Klein’s theory later.

The above-mentioned technology and workmanship are not evident in any other pyramids in Egypt or anywhere else in the world. Two examples are the “Bent pyramid” and the “Red pyramid”, also supposedly constructed during Egypt’s 4th Dynasty.

We’re told the great pyramid was built for the pharaoh Khufu, and the only statue ever found of Khufu (several hundred miles from the Giza plateau where the pyramids are located), is on display in the Cairo Museum and is an astonishing 3”tall. Not much glory for a pharaoh who supposedly was buried in the great pyramid. When the Arabs first entered the great pyramid about 890 AD, the only thing found was an empty coffer, nothing for the afterlife of a pharaoh, no hieroglyphics, inscriptions or paintings.

The Kings chamber in the great pyramid has two shafts extending upward from the north and south walls of the chamber some 200’ toward the outside of the pyramid, and are referred to as ventilation shafts. Mummies don’t breath, and the outside air would have accelerated the deterioration of a mummy. Of course no mummy was ever found in the great pyramid or any other pyramid in Egypt, making that a moot point. The shafts do however point to heavenly locations, which it is believed the builders of the pyramids had great knowledge of.

The Madonna
"The Madonna with Saint Giovannino",
15th century by Domenico Ghirlandaio (1449-1494),
Loeser collection at the Palazzo Vecchio.

Many 13th and 14th century art works and tapestries show what appears to be a UFO in the paintings of Mary with the Christ child, John the Baptist, and other Christians. What were these artists depicting? From the time of Christ, there are records of earthly visitations by heavenly celestial vehicles, now frequently referred to as UFOs --- not angelic. Mr. Klein’s research indicates the pyramids could have been build as far back as in Enoch’s time (several generations removed from Adam and Eve), and that the salt water deposits he located inside the pyramid could have been caused by the flood described in the Bible in Noah’s time, answering the question raised earlier about the casing stones with mortar joints.

In another Biblical reference (Isaiah 19:19) Mr. Klein refers to the verse, “In that day there will be an altar to the Lord in the heart of Egypt, and a monument to the Lord at its border”. The location of the pyramids of Giza seems to fit that location.

I personally put more credibility into the research of Ken Klein with his Biblical approach and Stephen Mehler in his pre-Egyptian civilization than I do in Dr. Hawass and the Egyptian Department of Antiquities, for determining that the pyramids of Giza were NOT build by the Egyptian civilization. Whether you agree or not with either of these two researchers, I believe the truth about the pyramids of Giza is a step closer, thanks to their research.

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  1. Could we consider the possibility that the Giza stone were 'constructed' except for the basalt lining the chambers? We wouldn't have to go over and over this impossibility of making, much less maneuvering the stones into a pyramid. If they were made of weathered limestone concreted together and formed before it dried hard, that would help us to accept that it does exist and did not need alien help. Then the question would rightly be why? It would help if we saw the Cayman Trench as a 'removed pyramid' site.
    Consdier: the pyramids were a barometer. parr's research & russian research indicates that an energy field appears and fades. Is that not a barometer indicating weather? If UV radiation damages dna would a barometer indicating the level of UV be desirable?
    Parr said that the level of negative ions dropped and only positive ones were produced. Which is not healthy for us. We would seek shelter inside limestone cave formations which had plentiful tumbling water producing negative ions. As for the anti-grav, see this as evidence of trapped neutrinos. He states that his experiment even reversed magnetic polarity within its field. Dead bees included. So, is it possible it was a sophisticated barometer of which we know so little!


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