Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Dorito UFO: "It Was Massive!"

UFO Dorito Over Wednesfield
Huge UFO seen in the UK

By Philip Turner
The Gazette

     A UFO, described by witnesses as looking like a huge V-shaped “Dorito” crisp has been filmed over the skies in the English midlands.

Stunned witnesses have been calling UFO Research Midlands from those claiming to have seen the flying object in the sky.

According to the Express and Star, a local newspaper, witnesses say they spotted it on Wednesday at around 7pm. One man wrote on the newspapers message board, “It was massive! At first I thought the rear light was a separate object before I realised it was just one gigantic one.”

Last month there was a report of a UFO spotted over Limassol town and since an earlier article on UFOs in Cyprus; The Gazette has received many accounts from readers of their unexplained encounters.

There are thousands of sightings reported each year. Only a small percentage of those who see a UFO report the sighting.

Have you spotted a UFO in the skies above Cyprus? Add a comment below.

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