Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Does the Bible Hold the Missing Key to the Current UFO Debate

Ezekiel & Flying Saucer

     LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas, Dec. 5 /Christian Newswire/ -- Recent high-profile discussions about UFOs and the call by former pilots and officials for full government disclosure concerning what is known -- if anything -- about these strange aerial sightings have people of all walks of life speculating about the nature and intention of extra-terrestrial entities.

Among others, Bible scholars have long been intrigued by the weight of historical evidence suggesting unearthly contact by interdimensional beings. Theological discussion on this topic has grown recently due to the increase in sightings of unexplained phenomena. Some believe this may be a sign that the earth is teetering toward an epic event.

Shortly before his death in 2005, ABC news anchor, Peter Jennings, narrated an extensive documentary on UFOs. The History Channel, A&E, The National Geographic channel, Discovery and others followed with documentaries on UFO sightings, abductions, visitations, even ghostly apparitions that were recorded in UFO flap areas. Then a well-publicized UFO event occurred in 2006 when a metallic, disc-shaped craft was witnessed hovering over Chicago's O'Hare International Airport. The sighting was important because the witnesses included American Airlines ground personnel, passengers, pilots, and the airport's air traffic controllers.

Prophecy expert Terry James believes this is no coincidence. More and more well-documented UFO sightings may be evidence that our government will soon be forced to stop dragging its feet on "Official Disclosure". Powers beyond man's control may cause the US administration and other global authorities to admit that they have been in contact with so-called extraterrestrial intelligence for some time.

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