Saturday, October 20, 2007

Who Built The Pyramids?

Flying Saucer Over The Pyramids
© Frank Warren

     Regular guest “Dennis Balthaser” rides into the “Paracast Show” on a horse with different colors as demonstrated by his latest gig with co-hosts Gene Steinberg & David Biedny.

Most familiar with Dennis, or for that matter the Paracast show, are aware of the formers’ dedication and years of research regarding the field of Ufology, and the “Roswell Incident” in particular.

This week however, the topic of conversation isn’t about UFO’s and or their occupants, it’s about the pyramids in Egypt, and the mysteries behind them.

Friends and colleagues, as well as frequent visitors to his “award winning web-site,” are mindful of Dennis’ curio with the pyramids as well as his relationship with the “Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association”; however, listeners will certainly come to realize that Dennis has more then a passing interest in the subject.

Most would agree that the pyramids are certainly a fascinating topic of conversation; conversely the 60 minutes devoted to the matter will no doubt captivate the listener, and leave he or she scratching their respective heads.

Gene & David’s “to the point” inquiries elicited answers from Dennis that in the very least give the listener “pause” in regards to how history was written about the origins of the pyramids.

Most importantly, Dennis calls into question the date of construct of the pyramids and in particular the “Sphinx.” He talks about the scientific evidence that supports the construction of the Sphinx, which predates Egyptian society. The very idea that mainstream historians could be off by over 5000 years is mind-boggling!

Dennis’ career as a civil engineer comes into play in regards to his research, and he points out the ideologies offered by present day Egyptologists just don’t add up! He cites the flaws in the time allotted to construct the pyramids with a multitude of slave labor, and sheds light for the lay person with basics math skills, that what has been posed “just ain’t so!”

I found this latest dialogue stimulating, informative, enlightening and instilling a need to “know more,” however, there was one item I took issue with—it just wasn’t long enough!

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