Monday, September 10, 2007

Video: Direct Eyewitnesses Recount Enormous V-shaped Craft

Phoenix UFO Overhead
© Frank Warren

     Listen to the statements of “direct eyewitnesses” to the enormous “v-shaped craft” erroneously labeled as the “Phoenix Lights” which was seen over the southwestern United States in March of 1997.

In contrast to the normal reporting of the incident highlighting the “military flare drop” later in the evening of March 13th, this particular report focuses on the declarations of some the people who witnessed a craft so large in size, that what kept it aloft still evokes wonderment and awe of the witnesses to this day.

Phoenix Lights V-Shaped Craft As Seen By Tim Ley (Sml)This refreshing report done by a local news station in Arizona shows the artwork of Tim Ley, (opposed to the repeatedly shown “flare drop video”) whose family observed the craft coming straight at them, and then go directly over their house as they stood in astonishment.

The local report was precipitated by the visit of a “Japanese film” crew who were on location doing a documentary on the incident, and attempting to locate the eyewitnesses of said craft.

Labeling how these “direct eyewitnesses” feel about how the mainstream media has misconstrued the events of March 13th, 1997 as “frustrated” would certainly be a mild depiction of the facts.

Most today are reluctant to recount their experiences in front of the camera for fear of the media who has made a practice of errantly associating their collective experiences with a “A-10 flare drop” which occurred a couple hours later on in the evening; of course the “other factor” is the lackadaisical manner in which the mainstream media reports UFO activity in general.

All that said, this particular report is most uplifting in regards to the norm, specifically in regards to what is now become known as the “Phoenix Lights.”

The short clips of Mike Fortson, Tim Ley and son Hal, as well as Terri Mansfield and veteran pilot Trig Johnston is just a quick preamble of the magnitude of what occurred that night over 10 years ago. Although it’s hard to imagine that there are those who haven’t heard of some element of “The Phoenix Lights Incident,” this short segment will certainly encourage interest among them; for persons who are confused over the event(s) and or “buy the flare-drop yarn” then these narratives from the “horses mouths” is mandatory viewing!

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