Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Secret Pratt Tapes and the Origins of MJ-12

Top Secret Majic Eyes Only
By Brad Sparks & Barry Greenwood
MUFON Symposium Proceedings
August 2007

     In 1982, the late author, reporter and later MUFON UFO Journal Editor, Robert Pratt, secretly tape-recorded his meetings and phone conversations with Roswell investigator, William L. Moore, in which they discussed Moore’s recent meetings with Staff Sgt. Richard C. Doty, Special Agent of the U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI).

Moore had been in contact with a mysterious AF Colonel (later called “Falcon” by Moore) since about September 5, 1980, and had been meeting with the Colonel’s designated “middleman” special agent Doty (“Sparrow”) since September 30, 1980.1 At that first meeting, Doty outrageously claimed that Friedman and Sparks knew him personally and would vouch for him – Moore immediately phoned both and verified that neither one had ever even heard of Doty before. This would be typical of Doty’s brazen self-contradictions for decades to come.2

Subsequently Moore told me (Sparks) he was passing to Doty every scrap of information he and his fellow Roswell investigator, nuclear physicist Stanton T. Friedman, collected on their Roswell investigations and on UFO research and UFOlogists.3 The identity of the Colonel has never been disclosed, but possibly may be Doty’s superior officer in AFOSI, Col. (John) Barry Hennessey, or someone in a similar position. Both Doty and the Colonel were repeatedly caught lying to Moore and Friedman yet the latter continued to maintain contact for years in hopes of obtaining some inside government information on UFO’s.4

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