Tuesday, August 14, 2007

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: Family Sees UFO Near St. Louis With Rotating Lights

UFO Spotted Near St Louis
Reader Submitted Report

     My story happened about 9 years ago outside st. louis, MO,I am 22 now, Me and my mother and my sister were driving home on the Highway listening to music and just your casual drive in the car. I dont recall the exact time but it was clearly dark outside probaly between 6-9 oclock. When we came up to our exit(beau-antire RD exit if I remember it right I live in wisconsin now). As we were getting off on the exit ramp going uphill I noticed a strange light before I could say anything my mom Says DANNY DANNY LOOK and starts pointing to what I was seeing and telling my sister who was 8 at the time to look look, whatever this was could not have been more than 200-400 feet above our car by the time we reached the top of the exit ramp. As we drew closer more lights came on and they were rotating in a way unlike anything I have ever seen and I remember distinctly there was one light Bigger than the others that was very illuminating and hard to take your eyes off of. As bright as these lights were and it close as it was behind the lights was just darkness it was very hard to make out any kind of shape or see any design but I could tell that the darkness was moving almost like rotating its very hard to explain. As we were climbing the exit ramp this UFO was moving slowly towards the treeline of a conversation area right off this Exit no more than 30 feet from the top of the ramp.

After we all 3 sat there in complete awww it passed over the treeline out of view and we quickly tried to race to the opposite side of the exit ramp to see if we could see more of this thing. But despite the fact that there was nothing but trees for miles and the sky was clear this UFO vanishes as instantly as it appeared to us.

We arrived home shortly afterwards, maybe 5 minutes and I was completley estatic, I ran in telling my stepdad and as a 13 year old I even called the sheriffs office to report what I saw only to be laughed at and no one would listen so I just hung up on them.

I have been waiting to report this story to someone for awhile, it just feels better to tell people what I saw again. I will say in closing that I have never seen ANYTHING like it again and trust me it wasnt a flare, swamp gas, a bird , a plane or superman.

Thankyou for listening and sorry about the grammer in this.

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