Monday, July 16, 2007

Further Sensationalism Slated for Ufology

UFO Hunting
By Frank Warren
© 7-16-07

     As if it wasn’t enough for all the so-called “TV News outlets” to entertain us with biased and or erroneous reporting of the “UFO phenomenon,” according to Reality TV Magazine, we can now look forward to the Sci-Fi channel airing a show entitled “UFO Hunters.”

This follows in the footsteps of the popular “Ghost Hunters” series on Sci-Fi wherein “two plumbers” by trade, take a group of “paranormal investigators” and go in search of “ghosts.

With camera crew in tow, the audience gets a “front seat” viewing of “TAPS” group (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) attempting to communicate with the dead at various alleged haunted locations.

For regular viewers of GH, (which I am one) we get to follow the antics of this “campy group” of self-proclaimed paranormal investigators; I think the show is very entertaining, funny and some of the locations they visit are quite interesting; although “ghosts, poltergeists etc., aren’t my forte, some of the sites certainly exhibit “unusual phenomenon.”

That said, this show is produced for entertainment, and it certainly achieves that goal. Sadly, given the “entertainment” we’ve received by the “so-called” news media of late in regards to Ufology, in my view, we don’t need to add to that conflagration. The layperson is already confused by the media pertaining to how they present the subject of Ufology; adding another show, i.e., “UFO Hunters” will only facilitate additional ignorance and lightheartedness.

Last year Sci-Fi aired “Sci-Fi Investigates,” again mimicking “Ghost Hunters” with a group including, author Richard Dolan, and archeologist “Bill Doleman” (Roswell Dig) and two “pretty people” to round out the cast; sadly we had to endure the “antics” of the group and their interactions as they traveled the country in search of “paranormal activities” of different sorts.

Personally, I felt Dolan and Doleman’s integrity may have “taken a hit” being associated with this “brand of entertainment.” I have the greatest respect for “Dolan’s research,” and to see him involved in anything “less then the ‘caliber’ of work he exhibited in his book, “UFOs and the National Security State” was disappointing to say the least.

I might add that the Sci-Fi channel has in the past aired some “worthy UFO documentaries” e.g., the episodes hosted by Bryant Gumbel which took a “serious (much needed) look” at the subject; however, it would seem since the formation of “NBC Universal” and it’s acquisition of the Sci-Fi Channel, there is an obvious “course change” in regards to how they handle the subject of Ufology. Much like today’s news shows, “ratings” seem to take precedence over the subject matter and or how it’s presented.

Consequently, I’m not holding my breath for this “new UFO Hunters” show. Undoubtedly, science will take a back to seat to sensationalism; investigative journalism will be disregarded for the antics of the “new group,” and Ufology will be mixed in with Big Foot, the Loch Nest Monster and the ghost of Joan Crawford!

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  1. Thank you for you voice on the what is happening in TV land and the way it displays distoys this subjects.
    However we need to find some type of balance. It is important that the people are interested and entertainment is the best way to get their attention. I believe a good show can be done this way but not on the fly. They have to be well thought out and intelligently planned. There are people out there who have multiple sightings and places where UFO are witness daily. In Mexico and South America there are hot spots with astonishing activity.
    But it is not enough to just go there with cameras. They need test equipment to verify what they are recording and it would be good if the program hired Stanton Friedman or MUFON as consultants.
    UFO Media Matters


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