Tuesday, July 24, 2007

New Revelations On Haut Affidavit

By Frank Warren
The UFO Chronicles

Schmitt Reveals Details of Haut Affidavit

     With the recent publication of, Witness to Roswell, co-authored by researchers, Donald Schmitt and Tom Carey much attention is being given to the previously unknown sealed affidavit that was -signed- by former Lt. Walter Haut, base public information officer (PIO) of the then Roswell Army Air Field. (RAAF 1947) A copy of the affidavit is printed in toto within the pages of the book.

Walter of course was tasked to write the press release which announced to the world that the “RAAF Captures Flying Saucer On A Ranch Near Roswell.”

The affidavit which apparently was to be held until Walter’s death, curiously was not released at that time, but rather held until Schmitt & Carey’s book was complete, and it’s release coincided with the 60th anniversary of the Roswell Incident. (This past July).

One needn’t be a rocket scientist to understand the timing in regards to releasing a book (another) about the Roswell crash at the 60th anniversary given all the media attention etc., however, I personally find it curious why the affidavit was held back.

It certainly gives the book more punch; however, the significance of the statements contained therein is unquestionably more valuable then increased book sales!

For those not paying attention, the affidavit is a reversal of Walter’s lifelong public statements in regards to the depth of his involvement with the Roswell flying saucer crash and its occupants.

Although Walter has always maintained an other worldly explanation for the debris, and has been supportive of the anecdotal evidence in regards to bodies etc., he has always denied (publicly), having seen any wreckage, bodies and or having gone to the crash site!

With the release of the book, and more specifically the affidavit within, a mild dissonance is undulating amongst Ufologists. To be clear, the layperson might argue the crux of Walter’s declaration, i.e., “an alien craft and it’s occupants,” and then post cover-up; however, the issue amongst researchers is not the core content but what is on it’s fringes.

In 2000 esteemed Ufologists Wendy Connors and Dennis Balthaser interviewed Walter, and recorded it on video tape; it was done on the same precept as the recently released affidavit; that is, it was to be released posthumously in order for Walter to talk openly and freely. (Which was honored).

Having watched the video interview a number of times (with pen in hand) the possibility arose, in my view, that Walter may have been exhibiting signs of some form of dementia; in that he couldn’t remember where he did his basic training; he couldn’t remember where he was stationed after the war; he couldn’t remember certain words; he often repeated himself, as well as contradicted himself, one time within a few sentences, and didn’t seem to be cognizant of it.

The severity of his “memory problems” has been contentious; however, for those who have watched the interview–most (if not all) agree it was evident to some extent.

That said, when I read the affidavit—this clear, concise, meticulously written document, inclusive of precise dates and times etc., it gave me great pause (to be polite), as the man that I saw in the video, (two years prior) didn’t seem capable of crafting such an elucidation.

I was certainly curious to know just how the affidavit was prepared; my prurience was satisfied yesterday with Don Schmitt’s admission that Walter did not write the affidavit!

In a recent interview with co-hosts, Gene Steinberg and David Biedny of the Paracast Show (an internet podcast production on the paranormal) the Roswell researcher, and co-author of “Witness To Roswell” came clean on the Walter Haut affidavit.

Schmitt related that through his research he became aware of just how close Haut and base commander Colonel William Butch Blanchard became, and pondered the notion of Haut being left out in the cold in regards to the information vis-à-vis the Roswell Incident.

On that premise Schmitt would often question Haut regarding any knowledge he may have.

Haut Didn't Pen Affidavit Himself

Schmitt states:
It was 3 years before Walter died. And he actually trickled information to us, on and off through the years, but he was quite clear that he was very sensitive to not only his security oath, but as though he was honoring someone else’s request to him, and it was quite clear as we demonstrated in the book, that he was honoring the 'old man,' as he called him, Colonel Blanchard . . . that Blanchard asked him not to say another word about this, and he was doing just that.

So we had to come up with a venue, a manner by which he could present the information, tell us what had happened to the best of his ability, without betraying that trust, that bond that he had with Blanchard. And it was suggested to us by an attorney that a ‘sealed statement’ (emphasis added) might provide that opportunity, and that’s what we’ve done, and ‘it was prepared, it was based on things that Walter told us in confidence for a number of years’ (emphasis added) leading up to that time he was ready to do it, his doctor, had given us a clear go ahead, that he mentally was totally competent . . ..
Schmitt goes on to reiterate that Walter read the document a number of times and then signed it with three other witnesses present.

Some have suggested that Walter’s “memory problems” were nothing but a ruse, in keeping the party line, i.e., not publicly breaking his security oath, or any promise to Colonel Blanchard; I would suggest to those folks, to view the video interview of 2000; however, if there weren’t any mental difficulties, and given the guidelines of the affidavit, that is a posthumous release, then the question would be, “why didn’t Walter pen the document himself?” Opposed to it being “prepared, based on things that Walter told Schmitt (presumably) in confidence for a number of years?”

Walter not penning the affidavit himself comes to no surprise to me; however it is important to point out that assuming he was in sound mind, and apparently according to Schmitt, it was deemed necessary to have a doctor “confirm that” (a wise move in these matters of grave circumstance in my view), the affidavit, from a legal standpoint, carries the same weight as if it were penned by his own hand.

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