Tuesday, May 15, 2007

We Are Not Alone

Orange UFO
By Victoria O'Hara
The Belfast Telegraph

     Strange lights spotted hovering in the Co Down night sky could be aliens carrying out a surveillance of the Earth - a paranormal expert has claimed.

Betty Meyler, president of the UFO Society of Ireland, made the suggestion that we are not alone after a number of residents in Bangor spotted a series of mysterious orange lights in the sky last weekend.

Air traffic control at Belfast International Airport said it had received reports about the sightings, including one from the Coastguard.

However, the airport said it had no record of any aircraft in the sky at the time.

Ms Meyler, who founded the organisation in 1996, told the Belfast Telegraph these types of sightings are quite rare for Northern Ireland.

"I get at least two or three calls a month from the south about sightings, but not from the north, so this is interesting," she said.

"Most are about lights in the sky, some are in a triangular formation.

"A lot of these sightings take place in megalithic sites, but I don't know what is in Bangor in that respect."

One resident who witnessed the lights described them as "three orange globes".

He said he watched them for five minutes and they then disappeared.

Ms Meyler, who is based in Co Roscommon in the Republic, said: "We believe these extra terrestrials are doing a surveillance of the Earth and when we are ready for it - which we're not at the moment - they will show themselves and they just want to come in love and peace to help us.

"Usually what happens is that only one or two people see it and then they don't always come forward as they are afraid of being laughed at, but I think this needs to be taken very seriously."

Ms Meyler said UFO sceptics do not bother her in trying to learn about alien life forms.

"Look what they did to Galileo when he said the earth was round and everyone else said it was flat," she said.

"He was taken up for heresy. So anything new is always laughed at and ridiculed, so I'm used to it, it doesn't bother me. I just feel that I am right.

"I think it is my job to educate other people to think the way I'm thinking."

If you spot any alien activity you can contact Betty Meyler at www.ufosocietyireland.com

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