Tuesday, May 15, 2007

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: Sisters Witness 'Flying Disc' Through Bedroom Window

Flying Saucer Seen Through Windowat Fort Lauderdale
Reader Submitted Report

     When I was twelve years old and my sister was seven, we shared the same room and had separate beds up against a wind with the wood blinds drawn shut with a little bit of opening to the outdoors.

Our bedroom was on the second floor facing the water in Fort Lauderdale, we were asleep that night when suddenly the entire room lit up as light as day and the light was so intense within the room that it was painful to open our eyes and my sister kept saying in a worried whisper nearing a screech, "Marina? What is that?! " and my repy was a short one becasue I was really scared and huddling deeper into my sheets, "I don't know, Genevieve--keep your eyes closed and head under the covers!"

We did this for about three minutes or so but it felt a lot longer because we were scared.The suddenly the light dimmed enough and I peered through the window only to see a giant orange gold disc shape fly quickly over the building across the water.

The next day I stayed home from school because I felt weirded out/dizzy by the experience. I went to the grocery store with my mom who wanted company and there was an issue of "The National Enquirer" with the headline "UFO Sightings in South Florida!"

This happened in the late seventies and I do believe that I am gifted in many ways even though I didn't meet an Alien face to face...though I have no proof that when the light flooded the room if something wasn't in the room wth us that night. I will never forget this as long as I live! I'm a writer/artist and I crank out my writing/art quickly...maybe the little green guys are helping me...I just wish that I could have actually seen one.

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