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The Mystery of Maury Island

Maury Island UFO (ShaverMysteryMagazine1948)
Evening Magazine

      Like fog on a fall day, a haze of mystery still surrounds Maury Island nearly 60 years after a supposed spaceship sighting that's still not fully explained.

It's been written about in books, even captured in the comics. But outside of hard-core mystery buffs, few people know about what may have happened two weeks before the most famous UFO sighting.

"People are always talking about Roswell," says Philip Lipson of the Seattle Museum of Mysteries, "and very few people realize that the first UFO incident was in Puget Sound."

A man named Harold Dahl and his 15-year-old son were out in a boat, salvaging logs just off of Maury Island. It was June 21st1947 -- nearly a month before Roswell - when they say six large donut-shaped objects appeared overhead, one of which seemed to be having problems staying airborne.

Dahl says as he quickly brought the boat to shore, the troubled UFO began dropping tons of hot metal and rocks. Dahl claims his son was even burned on the arm, and that their dog was killed by the falling debris.

Two Air Force officers soon arrived to investigate the dumped material. They studied the facts, scooped up some of the slag, climbed onto a plane.

And died.

Their B-25 crashed near Kelso, Wash.

"There were some reports of sabotage," says Lipson, "that somebody was trying to stop them from analyzing it and somehow caused their plane to crash."

Lipson says the Air Force's investigation of the crash site was classified, and the site still hasn't been thoroughly investigated. That's part of why the mystery of what happened at Maury Island still endures today.

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