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PUERTO RICO: Another Report of a UFO Over Major Airport!

Triangular UFO Over San Juan Airport
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PUERTO RICO: Airport Employee Allegedly Sees UFO over Control Tower

** A report from Lucy Guzman, OVNI.NET ***
Type: I

Date: Since early 2007. Cases reported in March 2007

Location: Luis Munoz Marin International Airport, Carolina, P.R.

Time: Daylight hours; at night between 8:20 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Witness: Airport worker (The pseudonym “Mr. Rodriguez” is used here, as the witness is fearful of being dismissed should his real name become known).

Evidence: None

Brief Description of Object: Round light larger than an airplane, very bright; other lights of greater intensity and size, white in color, triangle shaped.

Summary: Mr. Rodriguez (pseudonym) works at one of the airport’s offices. He has a view of the new airport control tower from his window, as well as of El Yunque and other landmarks. Rodriguez claims that this year, some lights have been seen hovering over the new tower, remaining static and then disappearing. These lights are either white or red in color (Note: researcher Ana Rios has seen lights similar to those described by Mr. Rodriguez from her apartment in Isla Verde, and which appear to be triangular when making a turn). Rodriguez also claims to see a very large, powerful light between 8:20-8:30 pm, white and triangular shaped. He compares this light to the brightness of an airliner belonging to San Martin Air, adding that the UFO’s light is even stronger than the lights on this aircraft. He says that whenever he’s with a customer and sees the lights, he points them out and they too are startled. When he makes inquiries among pilots, they always say they've seen nothing at all. (He believes they’ve been told not to speak for fear of dismissal). The triangular UFO impresses the witness greatly for its size, shape and brightness. When he realized that at the time that his sightings usually occur, there is also a scheduled American Eagle flight at 8:20 pm toward Vieques, he decided to board this flight with a skeptical friend to see the object more closely and to get his friend to believe him.

Rodriguez says that as the American Eagle flight gained altitude, it was necessary to look toward Route #3, as this is where the light appears to emerge from, toward the beach area. The UFO approached the plane sufficiently [to show] that it was larger than the airliner and made a U-turn, heading toward Fajardo,and then Vieques, as though heading for nearby islands. Rodriguez says that he alerted all of the passengers and asked the co-pilot about the strange light. He replied [in English]: “Forget about it”, which led Rodriguez to believe that the pilots are forbidden to discuss what is going on, or else did not want to alarm them.

Comments: Rodriguez wants a group of researchers to go with cameras and turn them on as soon as the passenger plane gains altitude, focusing them on Route #3 and El Yunque in order to record it. He added that the same event happens on the return trip from Vieques to San Juan.

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* (Translation (c) 2007, Scott Corrales, IHU)

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