Monday, March 05, 2007

Seek The Truth, Says UFO Expert, "Dennis Balthaser"

Dennis at Aztec 06
By Richard Jacques
The Roswell Daily Record

      In the not so direct world of ufology, Dennis Balthaser is about as straight forward as they come.

From the back den of his Roswell home, filled with books, awards, pictures and memorabilia from a life about as diverse the universe, Balthaser calls it like he sees it.

“Always telling the truth means you never have to remember anything,” says the well-known UFO investigator. But for a guy who prides himself on getting to the truth, he sure remembers a lot.

A certified UFO investigator with the Mutual UFO Network, an editorial writer for 22 Web sites and magazines, and recently appointed to the advisory board for the Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association, he said he doesn’t try to convince anybody about his research, “I show them and let people decide.”

Literally starting from scratch, the former Texas Department of Transportation worker of 33 years turned a one-time UFO hobby into a full-time passion.

He said his fascination with UFOs began after reading a book written by Jacques Vallet about 20 years ago. “I would lay in the backyard and wonder what was out there.”

Now a full-time researcher of 11 years, Balthaser has done over 350 radio and television interviews and his award-winning Web site, has had over one million visitors since 1998.

He said one of the hardest things about his ongoing research is sifting through the growing number of untruths to get to the facts.

“There are a lot of woo woo’s in the field of ufology,” he said, again, to the point.

When not battling Internet fraud, Balthaser remains extremely busy and continues to gain respect along the way.

Featured in dozens of documentaries, including such projects as the Sci-Fi Channel’s Roswell excavation, a guest internationally on a number of radio and television talk shows, and a frequent lecturer on UFOs, he said he believes that finding the truth is important.

Also important is his determination to return the International UFO Festival to its former glory. Recently appointed by Roswell Mayor Sam LaGrone to the event’s planning committee, the UFO expert said emphasis on community involvement will be stressed this year.

Remaining firm in his conviction that the government isn’t telling all about the incident that put Roswell on the map in 1947, Balthaser said he continues to document the living histories of Roswell incident witnesses before they are all gone.

Actively involved in the First Baptist Church in Roswell, he said people sometimes question how such a person with strong religious conviction could believe in the existence of UFOs.

For the straight-talking Balthaser, it’s easy to explain.

“They respect what I do and how I do it. I was a Christian before I started my research, and I’ll be a Christian after I’m finished.”

An who’s to argue. Some of his largest crowds can be found at his UFO lectures at the church.

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