Monday, March 05, 2007

UFOs Over Harborough?

UFOs over Harboroug 2-24-07 (Res)
By Harborough Today

AN AMATEUR film of the mysterious lights show seen in the night sky above Harborough can be seen exclusively on our website.
     The Harborough Mail reported on Thursday (March 1) how Kay Knight and her husband Bob had seen three yellowish lights in the sky above Harborough on Saturday, February 24.

A dozen more readers have since contacted us to say they saw the same unexplained phenomena.

Mike Hodkin, of The Headlands, was one of them - but when he saw the glowing objects travelling over the town at about
11.45pm, he grabbed his camcorder and started filming.

Mr Hodkin said: "There were three orbs travelling together from the direction of Lubenham.

"They were spaced out with about 500 metres between them and they were pulsating a reddish-orange colour.

"They moved on but then two more appeared exactly the same about ten minutes later followed by another on its own just after 1am.

"It was strange because they made no sound as they passed over.

"They looked to be about the size of weather balloons but weather ballons don't glow or pulsate like that.

"I don't think it's aliens but it could be the military testing some new technology.

"It certainly is intriguing and I'd just like to know what they were."

During the very first seconds of his footage you might be able to make out the blurry shape of a tree on the left and his garden fence along the bottom.

The footage is very weak to start but gets better.

The lights were moving slowly and steadily across the night sky, but it was difficult for Mr Hodkin to focus on them and keep the camera steady at the same time.

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