Tuesday, March 27, 2007

". . . Jets From RAF Lakenheath Were Called to Intercept a UFO"

F-15 Chasing UFO
UFO mystery at RAF Lakenheath

By Bury Free Press

     Mystery surrounds claims that jets from RAF Lakenheath were called to intercept a UFO.
UFO experts claim to have a recording which they have posted on the internet as proof that London Military Air Traffic Control contacted a flight of US Air Force
F-15s from the base, after a UFO was picked up on their radar on January 12.

But air traffic control denies making the call – and RAF Lakenheath will not comment without having more detail over the alleged incident.

Steve Johnson, features writer for UFO Data Magazine, said: "We are still looking into it and we have made a Freedom of Information request to the Ministry of Defence and have also contacted RAF Lakenheath – but they haven't got back to us yet."

The magazine and UFO Monitors East Kent are analysing an audio file picked up by radio enthusiasts purporting to be a call made by London Military Air Traffic Control to a crew of F-15s flying out of RAF Lakenheath.

They claim it tells the American airmen to intercept an unknown target at 3,000 to 4,000ft.

The F-15s get a radar lock on the target and make a 'pass' at 17,000ft and then again at 17,700ft.

Pilots described the black rock like object as unlike any aircraft they
have ever seen.

"One pilot was heard to say to another: 'Did you see that?' And the other replied: 'Yes, but I don't want to talk about it," said Chris Rolfe, of UFO Monitors East Kent.

It is also claimed that the object occasionally appeared to come to a complete halt.

UFO monitors are unable to give a location or a time for the incident, saying only that it happened in the afternoon.
The base itself said it was unable to look into the incident without these details.

A spokesman for London Military Air Traffic Control said: "I've spoken with both the civil and military supervisors at London Control. Neither has any record of an intercept request on or around January 12 – and intercept requests are recorded – so I cannot verify this account."

You can hear the audio file for yourself at www.ufodata.co.uk – click on F-15s UFO incident.

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