Wednesday, March 28, 2007

As Predicted . . . Character Assassination Begins

By Frank Warren

     Governor Fife Symington (Sml)An article appears today in the Tucson Citizen where columnist, “Jeff Smith” Lambasts former Governor, “Fife Symington.”

Obviously there is no love lost between this columnist and Symington; however, does one’s politics affect the reliability of an observation regarding a UFO? Should it? Of course not!

Debunker’s S.O.P.: When one can’t attack the data—attack the people/person.

Prior to the news breaking about Symington, Mike Fortson and I discussed the upcoming “trouncing” that he (Symington) would take . . . and so it begins.

In fairness to Mr. Smith, I don’t believe his goal is to “pooh-pooh” Ufology, or specifically the “Phoenix Lights Incident,” that’s just ignorance on his part, as evidenced by his comments towards the end of his piece; he writes:

“It was a CNN report of a documentary on UFOs. Back in 1997 - you may remember; I barely can - a flock of Phoenicians reported seeing UFOs flying over the city. Quite a flock. "Other people saw it, responsible people," said one of the flockers, but at the time he denied it and ridiculed the notion of UFOs and those who report them.

It was our then-governor, the ever-hypocritical Fife Three. He held a news conference and his chief of staff wore a little green man suit. Big laughs all around.

Now as then, truth is slow in coming from the mouth of Fife Symington, and when it emerges, Arizona is made the fool. Now we're that hick state in the rattlesnake belt that elected a governor who saw a flying saucer and bug-eyed aliens.

And it turns out that federal fraud investigators may not be the only ones who have probed J. Fife Symington III. I bet I know what they found.
… do do do do, do do do do. “

For anyone stuck on a remote island for the last ten years, what Smith refers to as a “flock of Phoenicians” is actually tens of thousands of Americans in a few states; although what he refers to as a “flying saucer,” (actually an enormous “V-shaped craft”) was “primarily” seen in Arizona!

Most certainly this will be the beginning of future articles that will attempt to disassemble Fife Symington's character; here’s some samples of what one might hear or read:

If he was a “corrupt politician” and lied while in office, why should we believe him now?

He’s been out of the limelight and wants attention.

His failing political career has caused a breakdown—he’s nuts!

He’s doing it for the “big money” all Ufologists make on books, movies and lecturing!

Those are the basics that will undoubtedly pop-up in the near future, as well as variations thereof.

So! Why did Symington wait so long to make this “declaration?” The answer is, “he didn’t!” Close friends and family were aware of his “personal sighting” and his own efforts investigating the matter.

It was “filmmaker” “James’ Fox” who sought Symington out, and asked the pertinent questions. Political career behind him, he obviously felt he had nothing to lose; for the layperson, talking UFOs is “political suicide” . . . just ask Frances Barwood!”

In the end, when either a current or former politician, particularly an “Ex-Governor” steps forward and has the stones to talk UFOs, it’s very significant! It’s reminiscent of the days when our government took the phenomenon very seriously (and publicly).

Perhaps others (politicians) will find the courage to do the same.

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