Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Another Flare Drop . . .

Flares Dropped
By Mike Fortson

     Sometime today you will probably read of another, “Phoenix Lights” type event over the southwestern Arizona skies. This happened again last night. There was a straight line of high altitude flares drawing the attention of Arizona residents and newsrooms throughout the greater Phoenix area.
I believe this is going to happen many more times until the 10th anniversary of the Phoenix Lights passes.

But something is wrong here. This video shows somewhat the same altitude of the 3/13/97 flare drop diversion at 10 PM. Problem here is this: the SOP (standard operation procedure) of the A10 and the LUU2 flares is 6,000’ drop, 3000’ ignition, and 500’ extinguish. These videos last night ad 3/13/97 are of flare drops app. 16-17,000’! Why drop flares when they don’t light up the surface? After all, the purpose of the flare is to expose enemy fighters and military hardware on the surface, not three miles up. What gives?

Also, in the last 10 years or so since everyone’s attention was drawn to the flare issue, only a handful of times has this been reported? Again, what gives? Is the military getting a jump on the Phoenix Lights anniversary to remind us that March 13, 1997 was about flares and not ET?

Just watch the FOX10 report and they speak nothing of the 8 o’clock events, only that March 13, 1997 was about military flares.

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