Wednesday, February 07, 2007

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: UFO Sighted Near McMinnville

UFO Near McMinnville
Reader Submitted Report
[Unedited - Names Withheld By Request]

     First off please keep my identity confidential. Any reference to names hasn’t been changed. I won't give away any more then names and the rest of the research, or lack there of, is up to you.

I know that that Trent sighting in McMinnville, OR, is one of the few UFO sightings that have never been "disproved." I use quotes because I am a believe, not hard-core, but still I know there is something out there, there has to be. I happen to be from McMinnville and have a story for you.

I'm not sure of the date of this story, but have heard it from 2 of the 3 involved people. I do know that it was some time ago, maybe mid seventies. I know that that people involved remember it like it was yesterday, and one still doesn't talk about the experience. Anyway, on with the story . . ..

[Name Withheld] of McMinnville, born and raised, was down hunting on his father's property one evening. The site is about 2 miles farther south of McMinnville the Trent sighting, on the backside of McMinnville's Riverbend Landfill. He was sitting in his blind when a light appeared above him.

My understanding of the story is, he was in shock and couldn't move for some time. [Name Withheld], [Name Withheld] soon to be brother in-law, and [Name Withheld], [Name Withheld] father were working at [Name Withheld] shop about a mile and half away. This is one way that the date could be verified because the shop they were working at was the main building at the time, it's still there, but its priority was shifted with the building of a new shop.

Anyway, [Name Withheld] and [Name Withheld] were working outside the shop at the same time [Name Withheld] was down hunting. They happen to notice a "weird" light hovering over a field to the east. [Name Withheld] and [Name Withheld] decide to drive over there. They took the road down on the river bottom and met [Name Withheld] headed up. They stooped hime on the road and asked if he had seen anything down there. He was "scared white" and told what he knew. His gun was never recovered.

This story is rarely told. [Name Withheld]n has passed from age now, about 2 years ago. [Name Withheld] will talk about it on occation, but I have never heard [Name Withheld] talk about it.

I'd like to know what you think of this story.

[Name Withheld]

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  1. Hithanks for stopping by my blog, I love ufo,s and the unexplained.I have heard reports of an ufo ovwer ohara airport in usa.Aparently it hovered for maybe 10 mins , loads of eye witneses , there will be pics to come.


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