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Photo Analysis of The Phoenix Lights
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Photo Analysis of The Phoenix Lights

Report On Phoenix Light Arrays
(NOTE: the following analysis of March 13, 1997 sightings over Phoenix refers to the sightings by a few people of lights at about 10 PM. An earlier sighting by hundreds of people around 8:30 PM of a dark triangular object that blocked the stars was a UFO. It is not the subject of this analysis.)

     Although there have been numerous sightings of bright lights in the sky south of Phoenix by various witnesses over the years, the lights seen on the nights of March 13, 1997 and January 14, 1998 were particularly valuable for study because (1) rather unique arrangements of lights within the arrays made the identification of specific lights that appeared in two or more videos quite conclusive and (2) the witnesses were in widely separated locations so it was possible to use triangulation methods to determine the locations of the lights to within, say
Bruce Maccabee
By Bruce Maccabee
five to ten miles. Although one could have asked for better accuracy in triangulation, the fact is that 10, even 20 mile accuracy was sufficient to determine whether the lights were nearby (within 20 miles of Phoenix) or far away (more than 60 miles away).

A good example of a multiply videotaped event for which the indiviual lights can be identified in the various videos is the sighting on January 14. Although there was not complete correlation between all of the lights seen that night by the various witnesses, there were two specific arrangements or arrays that were completely identifiable: a linear array and a triangle. The linear array appeared as a "perfectly" straight but tilted line of unevenly spaced lights. It was videotaped by K (Mike Krzyston, FIGURE 1), L (name withheld at request of witness, FIGURE 2), P (name withheld at request of witnesses, FIGURE 3) and R (Chuck Rairdon, FIGURE 4).

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