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F16 Dropping Flares
By Mike Fortson
Special To The UFO Chronicles

Mike Fortson     Wednesday’s (Dec 10) episode of UFO Hunters, “Arizona Lights” was a giant step backwards for the non-investigation of what I call, “The Massive UFO Flyover of Arizona, March 13, 1997”.

First, and most minor was the moon that was imaged early in the telecast; any witness to the 8:30 massive V shaped craft would tell you that on March 13, 1997, around 8:30 PM, MST, the moon would have been a “bottom quarter moon setting” in the west southwest. I know this is minor, but I do insist on being as historically correct as possible.

Phoenix Lights
With that said, I would also like to YELL in disgust, in regards to the constant visuals (throughout the show) of the 10:00 PM “more than likely intentional diversionary flare drop”; no wonder the world is confused as witnesses describe the massive V shaped craft floating quietly throughout Arizona, while they are shown videos of flares.

It reminds me of a television news reporter describing a tragic wreck between a school bus and a dump truck while showing a video of a wreck with a cement truck and a Cadillac. It’s wrong! But, as I’ve been told so many times before by producers, “you cannot report a sensational story without video. So, even if it’s wrong, it’s what we have to do so they (Americans) will pay attention”.

Shoot Handheld FlareIn an attempt to associate the flare drop with the 8:00 hour UFO event, UFO Hunters performed (another) idiotic experiment using “hand launched” Coast Guard flares. Anyone who has studied the Phoenix Lights case knows that Dr Bruce Maccabee said in his report of the distant lights, “that they would have had to been ignited at or near 16-17,000’ altitude in order to be seen in the mountain side homes in the metro Phoenix area”; not launched like a bottle rocket that has a “maximum” altitude of 1000’! This was no scientific experiment what so ever. This was more UFO Hunter pseudo science that only proves that the 2008 season is a mirror of the terrible 2007 season. i.e. the Stephenville, Texas case where they launched a large weather balloon and claimed it to be a “UFO” . . . what a joke!

These distant lights (flares) repeatedly shown are not over Phoenix and probably not even over Maricopa county . . . so the claim by the UFO Hunters that the “red orbs” were above Phoenix in the 10:00 PM videos in wrong.

In June of 2008, I was asked by James Fox to be in this episode, as he was the guest producer. At this time I lived app. 110 miles away in Prescott Valley, AZ. I told James that I was very concerned about the “job” the UFO Hunters doing; I told him of the debacle of their showing of the Stephenville case and how terrible it was. Also, they failed to get the most important witnesses to that case. I told him that I did not wish to be a part of the destroying of the Phoenix Lights case. It’s just too important.

Then came a series of e-mails with the producers of UFO Hunters, Dave Pavoni, Rob Blumenstein, and Jenna Singer. They all promised and promised that the new UFO Hunters are so very different and that I should be on and see for myself. I took advice from a very trusted source and demanded to be paid for my trip, expenses, and to be present for interviews of new witnesses. I wanted some type of control to help make the show more historically correct. After all they had not a clue of the case. I was told “no”.

What does a kid’s petroglyph’s finding have to do with this case? Nothing! What does known hoaxer Jeff Willes have to do with this case? Nothing. His daytime footage is incoming aircraft and he knows it. That’s why he edited it. These two should not have been a part of this presentation and have nothing to do with the case.

I am so incredibly satisfied that I was not a part of this B grade episode.

Out of the entire show, there was “one segment” that passed muster—Terri Mansfield was right on. Her reporting was complete and accurate and the animation was one of the best yet of the massive V shaped craft. It correctly shows what many witnesses claimed as it passed overhead; like looking thru water. This was by far the most accurate part of the entire program. Great job Terri!

I really thought earlier this year when the UFO Hunters did the stories on Kokomo, IN., and the sightings Illinois that indeed they were doing much better. But, last night’s show was a giant step backwards. As I claimed in my Stephenville, TX. review, they (UFO Hunters) punted the proverbial UfO “football” clean out of bounds and into the stands.

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  1. I must agree with Mr. Warren. UFO Hunters is trying to be too much like Ghost Hunters. The two are very different.

    The UFO phenomenon is fascinating enough without having to be sensational. Just tell the facts.

    I am impressed with the new Mufon show, UFOs above Earth and of course UFO Files. They need to take note of what the successful shows are doing.


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