Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Large Triangle over Cosford/Shawbury

UFO Triangle Near Shawbury RAF Base
By Billy Booth

BJ Booth     The British television show, "Stranger than Fiction" recently featured a UFO case which occurred in 1993. This case involved the RAF bases at Cosford and Shawbury in Shropshire. This extremely compelling spate of sightings involved a massive triangular-shaped UFO. One fact about these sightings over military bases is that they always seem to be more than a one day event, and such was the case of 1993. Had it not been for a file received from a Freedom of Information Act, we would have never known about this particular case, which brings up another important question. If they are sitting on one unsolved UFO case, how many more of them are they aware of? This case is given high credibility not only because of its military and police witnesses, but also is backed by the credentials of highly respected British researcher Nick Pope. He had this to say about the Cosford-Shawbury case:

"This is the most convincing UFO incident I've ever come across. It raises serious defence and national security issues. This is the case that turned me from sceptic to believer."

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