Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Boy Sees UFO in Santa Lucia

Paintsville UFOs

While returning to his home in Santa Lucia a youth noticed strange lights in a field; as he approached he saw a “round craft with lights” hovering a meter off the ground
     They live among us, even in our country; they take our form and live in our society; their feet are planted on the ground but they gaze at the heavens. One treats, by all means, of those who they affirm to have seen UfOs.

The last found unit of this species, is Nicholas Diaz. Two months ago, in Santa Lucia, he had a vision. While he crossed the city on bicycle, at daybreak, he saw strange lights in the field and thought that it was a patrol craft. “I thought that they were chasing to someone”.

But when he approached about 100 meters from the object, he found something that he never had seen in its life: a round structure, with lights, suspended about a meter off the ground, totally quiet, he reported. Nicholas was frightened, but he called to his relatives, and they saw the craft as well; they confirmed what he saw, and said he wasn’t crazy.

From the roof of his house they observed the UfO fortwenty minutes. “First it was motionless and later began to move slightly thus”, explained the boy, doing sliding gestures.

To this day he still feels a little scared when recounting the event to the press. When he looks at the stars, he wonders if they’re UFOs.

He does however feel a little relieved as two fishermen have also come forward and reported they saw the craft as well.

* Roughly translated by FW

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