Friday, October 06, 2006

Madrid, Spain: Witness Photographs UFO

UFO Over Madrid
"It worries me that nobody explained what we saw in the sky"

     “It was nothing known, not an airplane,” sharply affirms Eva Martin, one of the people who observed an orange light while she was standing on the terrace of her house; “it changed formed and later disappeared,” Martin explained. Like her, several readers have confirmed to 20 minutes that they saw the same in different points from the city.

“The orange light stayed in one spot for several minutes and later moved as to signal that we were before a genuine UFO”. The declarations are of Rafael Casares an expert in this type of phenomena, and that describes the province as the “hot zones in sightings”.

“Perhaps what worries me more is not the light, but that later we listened to a military airplane and, mainly, that nobody has explained to us what we saw”, Martin says. Next to her there were other four people whom observed how “the light disappeared on Torres Bermejas”.

* Roughly Translated By FW

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  1. Hello, Sorry I can speak Spanish only.
    This news of the UFO it is in GRANADA city, Spain not Madrid city.
    The date it on 4 OCT 2006 about 00h to 00.30h Local time.(22:00 to 22:30 UTC)
    I can see this UFO with my father and mother.
    My vision point :
    Lat 37º10'51" N
    Lon 3º 35' 36" W
    The ufo position on the vertical of Alhambra in Granada city. Stopper About 10 or 15 minutes. And move to Sierra Nevada montain direction.
    Also many people can see the same UFO arround the Granada city.
    The local news 20minutes public some photos.
    The ufo Look same at 'fire ball'


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