Wednesday, April 26, 2006

'Cigar Shaped UFO' Reported Over Czestochowa, Poland

UFO Over Czestochowa
By Piotr Cielebias
NOL - Polish UFO Journal

     The witness' [Tomasz's] relation:
"On April 14th at about 5:30 pm I was sitting with friends on a yard. The weather was bright. There were no clouds. I was staring at the sky and suddenly over houses and trees I saw an descending object resembling a cigar. At first I thought that it was a hang-glider but it was still descending and sunlight was reflecting in it. It was rather metallic in color but the dazzling impression prevented me from regarding it better. Then I summoned a friend who also saw it. I wasn't flying very quickly but unfortunately there were houses and trees in the area so I wasn't able to conduct further observation. There is another witness."
Previous observation took place in Czestochowa on April 2nd [metallic balls] and April 8th [splitting, white cigar-shaped object].

POLAND: UFO Seen Over Katowice
     Mr. Tomasz Skupiewski's relation:
"About 4 years ago in April or May, on a free day [i.e. on Saturday or Sunday] I was in my kitchen eating breakfast. I live in Katowice on a 12th store. Suddenly I noticed some strange object. The weather was bright and sunny. The object was about 3 km away. It was circa 15 - 20 m. wide and was silver in color [it looked as if made of metal]. It was reflecting sunlight rising vertically up."
The man claimed that the sighting lasted about 10 min. and then the object disappeared in clouds. Along with Mr. Skupniewski also his entire family witnessed the observation. Anyway they didn't manage to take any photo because: "I wanted to took a photo but I hadn't got a digital camera yet and there was no film in my normal camera."
"I was looking for other witnesses but in vain. It seemed that the object had took off from a airport in Muchowiec [Katowice]." After the observation I called the airport asking about the schedule of flight and "It turned out that any crafts hadn't took off from the airfield. I also asked whether someone had seen some strange aircrafts. The woman was very surprised with it saying that she hadn't seen anything. I'm very angry with myself that I didn't manage to take a photo. Since the occurrence I look at the sky more frequently and I always have a camera at my side."
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