Wednesday, April 26, 2006

UFO Sightings Increase For HBCC UFO Research

By Brian Vike

Brian Vike (Sml)     Recently I have been reading where some believe that UFO sightings are on the decrease, due to the lack of interest and a lack of reported sightings in their areas, in Canada, the United States or worldwide. Personally I found this to be untrue in my case, mainly due to the large amount of reported sightings that I receive here at HBCC UFO Research. As a matter of fact, there is so much material coming in, that HBCC UFO Research has now gone International. The idea behind this is to have UFO investigators scattered all over the world willing to take on and investigate the cases that are sent in.

After reading an article on the decrease in UFO reports, I placed a short and to the point survey/poll on my site, just to get a feel of what others thought. Were sightings of unknown objects on the upswing, or were they indeed decreasing ?

Poll Question: Are UFO sightings on the increase ?

People were asked to check one of three boxes, yes, no or not sure. As of today out of 309 people polled, below are the results.

Yes - 208 votes, 67.31%

No - 31 votes, 10.03%

Not sure - 70 votes, 22.65%

The results give an indication how people feel about this topic.

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