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Alien Earth Eyes Cropped
This Is Lincolnshire

      Spooked residents claim to have seen alien spaceships hovering over Lincolnshire.

     Two groups of people, who have all denied being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, said they saw the UFOs on December 30 and 31.

     They both claim that glowing objects hovered over them for a few seconds and then silently disappeared.

     No official radar records exist for the dates in question as RAF Waddington's air traffic control centre was closed.

     And the police say that they have received no reports of other sightings.

     But Beth Clarkson (58), of Dene Close, Skellingthorpe, is convinced that she saw a UFO. She was at a caravan convention at the Memorial Hall in Wellingore when it happened.

     "It was about 5pm on Saturday. I was fetching some water for the van with another man when he just gasped and pointed to the sky. There was this orange cone shaped object burning in the sky. It hovered for a while and then headed off towards Waddington. There was no sound, it was really eerie."

     Mum Sandy Gregory of St Peter's Avenue, Boultham, Lincoln, had a similar experience the next day.

     "My family and neighbours were stood out front at about midday and the strangest thing flew past at about tree height. It was like a plate with a flame on it and it was going at about 20mph," she said. "Then it flew over Boultham Park and went towards the city. We don't know what it was - and no we weren't drunk."

     In May last year the Echo used the Freedom of Information Act to access information on UFO sightings across the county.

     Documents revealed that six unidentified flying objects had been reported in Lincolnshire's skies over the past five years.

     Flight Lieutenant Roger Steel, who works in air traffic control at RAF Waddington, said: "We only started operating the radar again yesterday and it was out of action from December 21 for Christmas so we have no records to check whether we picked anything up or not. "There are a number of possible conventional explanations.

     "Obviously it could be aircraft. Since the opening of the new Robin Hood airport there's been a lot more activity. And there is also the possibility of the Humberside Police helicopter. This uses a powerful search light that creates a column of light. And the sound of the helicopter can often be blown away if there is a stiff breeze."

     Lincolnshire Police spokesman Tony Diggins said the force had received no UFO sighting reports over the festive season. "And to our knowledge the Humberside chopper was not out."

In The Know

     Under the Freedom of Information Act the Echo received details of all official UFO sightings reported to the military over the past five years.

     The records show six sightings involving seven objects reported to personnel in the county.

     All of the sightings were made by residents or motorists who claimed to have seen unexplained objects.

     But no reports explaining the sightings or showing the results of further investigations into their authenticity have been released.

     The sightings include reports of objects shaped like triangles, torpedoes or even cylinders. Others were recorded as "glowing" and "lights" in the night sky.

     The objects were reported to hover in the air, move silently, race across the sky and even spin. One "speeding light" was said to have "turned 180 degrees back on itself instantaneously".

     Another was reported to have hovered in the air before it "shot off creating a blue and white light some 30ft long".

     In November 2001 a resident of Gonerby, Grantham, reported that his house had started to shake and had experienced a power cut when a "glowing object" appeared over it.

     MoD records report the caller seeing what "looked like a missile" moving very fast.

     "Caller believes it could not have been an aircraft as it did not have wings," read the report.

     At the time the RAF reported no flights in the area.

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