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Engimatic Manifestations of "Imps" Return to Paraná

Imp in Tree
The Journal of Hispanic Ufology

     Residents of the Antartida Argentina district reported with emotional credibility the strange manifestation of "imps", which according to thier accounts, climb up and down trees and "hurl stones like while flower buds"

     In the Paraná neighborhood known as Antartida Argentina, in the northwestern area of Paraná and close to the municipal dump, local residents reported to a Canal Once camera crew the appearance of "white imps" that began to appear on the afternon of Thursday, December 29, 2005.

     According to their bemused testimony, "the neighborhood children would throw rocks at them and these would be returned with remarkable swiftness." The "imps" replied violently with a barrage of their own. They pummeled the children and some other locals with not very severe bumps and brusies.

     The phenomenon has been repeating itself every night from Thursday December 29 onward. "It starts around 8 and ends around 2 in the morning."

     It all began because [the locals] have a neighbohood Christmas tree that they put up every year. When they tried to take it down, the "dwarves" manifested themseves and expressed their disapproval. "When we turned off the lights they would get angry and toss stones. They would calm down when they were turned on again."

     At first, seeing that the strange "white imps" were living in the trees, they chopped down some of them but "the dwarves were enraged and began throwing stones. It was then we called the Police to do something."

     According to a local resident, the phenomenon was witnessed by some "800 to 900 people who were there until 2 in the morning," among them a considerable number of children. When the Police arrived, the locals said that Patrolman 97, allegedly belonging to the 5th Sheriff's Office, was accosted by the strange beings. "He wanted to light up the area with his spotlight and the light was reflected as if by a mirror," said Ricardo.

     Policemen began to fire their guns toward the place occupied by the "imps" and in return, these entities "began throwing stones. It was like a shower of them and only the police officers were being hit. Not even the locals and the kids who were there were impacted," he added. "There were so many stones that the cops had to go."

     Neighborhood children consulted by Canal Once said [the beings] were "small, white and lolled their tongues. They looked like people and their hands were small," said a girl who claimed having seen them up close.

     "There were seven of them. One was on the roof and jumped onto a tree," added the gir, with a broad smile and showing no fear.

     "We cleared off the area completely in order to get them out of the trees. We surrounded them. Some had them close enough at hand to grab," said a neighbor. "We felt somewhat of a chill, because they didn't hit us with stones, but they hit the police a lot. The kids provoked [the creatures], threw rocks at them and had them returned. If you threw a brick, they'd throw it back," he explained with concern.

     The aggression by the "white imps" against the neighbors were not significant, althoug some said that the children emerged "with bumps and bruises [from rock impacts]; they were scared and even the boldest of them took off running."

     "This isn't a gag by somebody. This is real. No one made it up. The kids are scared and I tell them not to be frightened, since [the creatures] could be angels," continued the neighbor, noting that "many people have said prayers about this".

     "It's as though the wanted to play, because with the number of rocks thrown, there should have been blood and no one was injured." The neighbor explained that the entire place was weeded out and some trees were chopped down to ascertain "what was hiding in the place."

     Other neighborhood children told Canal Once that "we saw them running across the treetops and the way they returned the stones we were throwing at them." They added that the stones were thrown by "imps like white flowerbuds falling from the trees, and the very same stones we threw were coming out of that location."

     The youngest girl finally added that "they were in the trees and mocking us."

* SOURCE: Diario Paraná

* Translation (c) 2006. Scott Corrales
Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU)



  1. Good Day Josh,

    There are up-dates to this story which will be posted forthwith; although there apparently is/was an investigation, it doesn't appear to be a "scientific endeavor."

    "Debunking" or more accurately "skepticism" in my view, is a healthy posture in regards to "scientific investigation" of "extraordinary events."


  2. Hi Josh,

    I certainly appreciate your readership (we're now in over 100 countries). I'm not sure about the "tweety bird alien" as there are so many stories posted, and quite frankly I don't always get to read them in their entirety.

    Most of the stories are culled from "newspaper reports" and are mainly UFO related. I don't usually deviate from that protocol;however I have loyalties to Scott Corrales and Explicata, and it's in that vein that we published the afore mentioned report.

    All that said, it is just that, like any other "newspaper report" on a unusual phenomena--it should be taken cum grano salis and further investigation is generally in order. Observation of a phenomenon is but only the first step in Scientific investigation; regarding a "written anecdote" what would precede that is "verification of the anecdote."

    Nonetheless, "Imps, fairies etc.," have been written about for centuries and methinks there is "something" to it.



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