Monday, October 10, 2005

Ufologist Santiago Yturria Investigates The Ramos Arizpe UFO Sighting - Captured On Video!


By: Santiago Yturria

Santiago Yturria Garza
     On Monday October 3, local neighbors of Ramos Arizpe, a community located near Saltillo, Coahuila got aware that a suspicious bright light was doing erratic movements in the sky and at the same time increasing it's size in a strange way. The time was about 3:00 AM.

     In a few minutes the unusual light turned into an oval shaped object with an intense brightness with a blue glow around. The mysterious object was moving fast in zig zag and performing a strange behavior. At this moment the witnesses realized this was a UFO and became worried.

     Some of them called the police reporting the incident and requesting to investigate the unusual phenomena.

     The reports were turned to the Dirección de Seguridad Publica de Ramos Arizpe wich is the public security corporation and the 069 operator Mayra Gallegos Muñiz confirmed the calls and sent a patrol unit to investigate the incident. Meanwhile the Security Cam Center located the mysterious object as it appeared on camera No. 1 who located the UFO north of Ramos Arizpe. The security cam operators were able to get the bright object in focus using the camera in infrared mode while recording the images. They confirmed the UFO was indeed over that area.

     By this time the unknown object got closer and increased it's size exhibiting an oval shape with intense white luminosity and a blue glow around. No sound was heard at anytime. In a matter of seconds the UFO began performing some kind of strange metamorphosis while pulsating and a dark red kind of core appeared at the center. The UFO continues expanding itself increasing in size along with it's core wich changed to blue. All these features were captured by the security camera while the surprised operators continued recording the images and reporting the very unusual event to the Security Central.

     As the UFO continues expanding it's size suddenly turned itself into a huge oval ring saturating the security monitor screen. The UFO's centerthat presented a core at first was now a hole. The UFO shape described an ellipse composed by several bands or rings and a hole in the center where the stars were now visible. Sometimes at it's maximun size those rings or bands became translucent giving the impression of a huge dimensional gate of some kind.

     As the UFO reached certain expansion it immediately began decreasing it's size in a backward proccess exhibiting the prior shapes till adopting the white oval form with the blue and purple glow around. The UFO repeated this rare morphing proccess several times being recorded by the security cam all the time. The video lasted 20 minutes till the UFO reduced it's size dissapearing.
     An atmosphere of confusion and disconcert remained in the Security Cam Center.

     As the incident caused commotion among the people and the      Security Center personnel the Ramos Arizpe´s Mayor Ernesto Saro was called an went to the Public Security Center to watch the video and receive thereport. In an improvised meeting Mayor Ernesto Saro as well as DirectorHomero Durán presented the video to the local media representativeswhere reporters of the local newspaper and tv station asked if this was a real UFO.

     Mayor Ernesto Saro acknowledged the incident and declared this was indeed a UFO, a strange disconcerting flying object that caused alarm among the neighbors. Mayor Saro added that in absence of more solid information about the nature and origin of the phenomena they would have to wait until the investigation brings more elements to establish what happened that night.

     I received a call from local INFO 7 newscast asking me if I could review the footage and make an evaluation for them because they were going to follow the story for several days. I agreed and received a copy of the footage for study and evaluation. They interviewed me as well as a local astronomer and we both concluded this was a UFO.

     This is one of those cases in wich an important evidence is provided because it comes from an official source, that is the Ramos Arizpe's Public Security Corporation, therefore any suspicion or hint of a hoax is discarded. The object was there and the security cam caught it's presence.

     The UFO performed movements and changes discarding the posibility of a star, planet or meteor. That was a clear night without clouds therefore this was not a ball lightning phenomena.

     The local airport was questioned if their radar detected the unknown object and they declared there were not unknown objects detected by the radar that night but added that according to the images described this object was flying at low altitude not possible for radar detection. It was confirmed this object was not a blimp, wheater ballon or any known aircraft.

     The Ramos Arizpe UFO case is important and well documented, with multiple witnesses involving the police department, the Security Cam Center and the Ramos Arizpe's Mayor. The media took notice of the incident and presented the story with seriousness and interest.

     I must say that the Ramos Arizpe UFO footage is one of the most rare and impressive videos that I have seen. The unique features that the UFO exhibited performing a very unusual sequence of changes in size, shape and colors resulted disconcerting and intriguing. I've never seen anything like this before.

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