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1865 - Trapper Reports Witnessing Crash of 'Compartmented Craft With Strange Hieroglyphics'

Missouri Democrat-10-19-1865-Heading On BlackMissouri Democrat-10-19-1865-Strange Story
     Mr. James Lumley, an old Rocky Mountain trapper, who has been stopping at the Everett House for several days, makes a most remarkable statement to us, and one which, if authenticated, will produce the greatest excitement in the scientific world.      Mr. Lumley states that about the middle of last September, he was engaged in trapping in the mountains about seventy-five or one hundred miles above the Great Falls of the Upper Missouri, and in the neighborhood of what is known as Cadotte Pass. Just after sunset one evening, he beheld a bright luminous body in the heavens, which moved with great rapidity in an easterly direction. It was plainly visible for at least five seconds, when it suddenly separated into particles, resembling, as Mr. Lumley describes it, the bursting of a sky-rocket in the air. A few minutes later, he heard a heavy explosion, which jarred the earth very perceptibly, and this was shortly after followed by a rushing sound, like a tornado sweeping through the forest. A strong wind sprang up about the same time, but suddenly subsided. The air was also filled with a peculiar odor of a sulphurous character.      These incidents would have made a slight impression on the mind of Mr. Lumley, but for the fact that on the ensuing day he discovered, at the distance of about two miles from his camping place, that, as far as he could see in either direction a path had been cut through the forest, several rods wide-giant trees uprooted or broken off near the ground- the tops of hills shaved off and the earth plowed up in many places. Great and widespread havoc was everywhere visible. Following up this track of desolation, he soon ascertained the cause of it in the shape of an immense stone driven into the side of a mountain. An examination of this stone, or so much of it as was visible, showed that it was divided into compartments that in various places it was carved with curious hieroglyphics. More than this, Mr. Lumley also discovered fragments of a substance resembling glass, and here and there dark stains, as though caused by a liquid. He is confident that the hieroglyphics are the work of human hands, and that the stone itself, although but a fragment of an immense body, must have been used for some purpose by animated beings.      Strange as this story appears, Mr. Lumley relates it with so much sincerity that we are forced to accept it as true. It is evident that the stone which he discovered, was a fragment of the meteor which was visible in this section in September last. It will be remembered that it was seen in Leavenworth, Galena and in this city by Col. Bonneville. At Leavenworth it was seen to separate into particles or explode.      Astronomers have long held that it is probable that the heavenly bodies are inhabited -- even the comets -- and it may be that the meteors are also. Possibly, meteors could be used as a means of conveyance by the inhabitants of other planets, in exploring space, and it may be that hereafter some future Columbus, from Mercury or Uranus, may land on this planet by means of a meteoric conveyance, and take full possession thereof -- as did the Spanish navigators of the New World in 1492, and eventually drive what is known as the "human race" into a condition of the most abject servitude. It has always been a favorite theory with many that there must be a race superior to us, and this may at some future time be demonstrated in the manner we have indicated. Home


  1. Do you think the observer could spot this location on Google Earth.
    Seems likely, since a path of two rods is over 32 feet wide.

  2. Anonymous10:30 AM

    Something robust enough to carve a path through mature trees and bury itself in a mountainside must surely have left some highly collectable remains - what happened to them? As the previous poster suggests there ought to be some trace remaining even now.
    Let's bear in mind that late C19th America was the home of some very tall stories.

  3. Anonymous4:14 AM

    love this site

  4. What ever happened to the Artifact? I suppose "they" are still studying it.

  5. Anonymous2:44 PM

    Personally, I think the artifact or ship or whatever it was is still lying or sitting up in the mountains NW of present day Great Falls, Montana near Rogers Pass which used to be called Cadotte Pass on old maps of Montana. The area in question is very remote and much of it is still unexplored. It would be somewhere in the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area. I'm quite surprised that people think "the Upper Missouri River Country" means the state of Missouri. Wrong. It actually means what is now the state of Montana as the Missouri River starts in Montana near Three Forks, Montana where the Gallatin, Jefferson and Madison rivers come together to form the Missouri River. Great Falls, Montana is also the home of Malmstrom AFB where many UFO sightings have happened and where the UFO's actually shut down the missiles in the 50's and 60's. I have lived here in Montana my whole life and have always been confused as to how people would think this story is about something happening in Missouri. Perhaps if more UFO websites and UFO hunters corrected this story, the artifact or ship might very well be found. If you think I'm wrong, just do the research on Cadotte Pass and "The Upper Missouri River Country" and you'll see very quickly that it's in Montana not Missouri. Happy hunting!

  6. Anonymous10:27 AM

    I was re-reading my original post and realized that I come across as kind of smarmy. I apologize for that. I think what made me comment like that is that almost every UFO site I have read that has this article on it always say's that the crash happened in the state of Missouri. I got extremely tired of seeing that over and over and finally lost my mind, hence my original comment. What is great about it now though, is that people are out there actually looking for this artifact now and they're looking in the right place. Here in Montana, not Missouri. So far, from what I have read, no one has found anything of any significance but considering that this supposedly happened in the mid 19th century, it could be covered over with tons of pine needles and other debris by now or perhaps it never existed at all! I loathe to think that, but another poster was correct in stating that there were a lot of tall stories that got printed back in those day's. So, who knows. Either it really happened and that thing and/or it's remains are still up there above Cadotte Pass or we're looking for something that doesn't and never did exist. I personally will hold out hope that it's true and that remains of it will be found. Montana is a huge state, the 4th largest state in the union, plus it's very uninhabited and much of it still hasn't even been seen or explored by anyone. That's pretty cool in this day and age when almost every place on this planet has been explored. I know I have been to spots here in Montana that no one has ever seen besides myself. Maybe a Native American hunter but that's even pushing it. Who knows what can be found up in these mountains and high mountain valleys. Another UFO visitation happened very near here in the early to mid 20th century too. You may be interested in it too as it is quite a fascinating account. It can be found by googling the name Udo Wartena. This man had an encounter with actual beings from a saucer shaped craft that landed near where he was mining for gold. It happened up Confederate Gulch which is very near to where I live. It's a great read and I highly recommend reading his account. Take care and thanks to The UFO Chronicles.


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