Monday, September 19, 2005

UFO Spotted Over Worle

UFO Over Worle
News Desk Weston Mercury

     In a scene straight out of the X files, residents in Worle spotted a UFO hovering over their neighbourhood.

     The long flat grey object was seen suspended in the clear sky above the Spring Hill area on September 2.

     Dennis Owen, of Edgecombe Avenue, saw the object at about 3.30pm.

     The 70-year-old former aircraft inspector at British Aerospace, Filton, said: "It seemed to suddenly appear and was in silhouette. I saw a BA146 aeroplane fly in its vicinity.

     "At first I thought it was a weather balloon but it was the wrong shape.

     "When I looked at it with my neighbour's binoculars, I saw it was not undulating in the way a balloon would be. It was impossible to say how big it was or how fast it was moving.

     "It had no windows or protrubances and after about half an hour, it rose up through the thin clouds and disappeared.

     "I would not use the phrase unidentified flying object but I do not know what it was."

     Neighbour Ray Parson, of Edgecombe Avenue, also reported seeing the UFO.

     A spokesman from Bristol International Airport said no unusual objects or near misses with any aircraft had been reported over Worle at that time.

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