Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Aliens Invade Television By Storm!

Alien on TV
On small screen, aliens abound

A full 10 percent of the 30 new shows hitting network TV this fall have to do with pesky little extraterrestrials.

BY Glenn Garvin
The Miami Herald

     Yeah, yeah, fall kicks off the new seasons of movies and concerts. More importantly, it's the time of year when aquatic space aliens roar up from the depths to chew up submarines, body-snatch your neighbors and take over television.

     Three, count 'em, three new shows about underwater aliens debut in a five-day span this month as the broadcast networks begin rolling out 30 new programs, most of which only seem to have originated on other planets.

     It may seem odd that ABC (Invasion), CBS (Threshold) and NBC (Surface) are all debuting bug-eyed-monster shows at the same time, but actually that's the explicable and even predictable result of ABC's huge success last with the science-fiction themed Lost.

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  1. Invasion doesn't start till tomorrow (Wed. 9/21) but I did watch 'Threshold' and 'Surface'.

    But I also watched the 'other' paranormal show 'Supernatural'. So far I like 'Supernatural' best. Maybe it's because I've never seen a UFO but I have seen a ghost.

    I'll give the others a chance though. Why? Because I like Sci-Fi.


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