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Triangular 'Shaped UFO' Reported in Fergus Falls

Triangular UFO in Trees

UFO’s in MN?

Fox 9 News

     Ed Kratt says, “It was real.”

May 21st: The front page of the Fergus Falls Journal goes to press with an unusual story by reporter Brandon Stahl.

“To say something like this, it's a story. That's news,” says Stahl.

Fergus Falls is only 177 miles from the Twin Cities. A town where everyone knows your name, and cops hear it all.

Deputy Sheriff Stacy Paulseth, says, “It is strange.”

Kratt, a witness, says, “Unexplainable.”

It was a night when Kratt woke up at 3 a.m. and went out on the deck to smoke a cigarette.

“I saw this orange thing coming through the trees,” says Kratt.

Kratt drew this picture of what he saw.

“Bright orange triangle…glow around of the edges of it...the size of a full moon…I'm looking at a UFO,” says Kratt.

Two other Fergus Falls residents say they saw the same UFO. The national UFO reporting center claims there have been 400 UFO sightings in Minnesota. Since 1947.

Some of the Minnesota sightings this year:

June 18th. Granite Falls. Cigar triangular shape, Changing colors across skyline.

June 7th. Eagan. Five dark round circles.

March 21st. Anoka. Faint orange lights.

March 8th. St Paul. Blue glowing sphere descends to Earth.

At the local diner in Fergus Falls, there is obvious skepticism, and curiosity.

Space creatures. Visitors from another planet. This is where the UFO controversy is divided. Astronomers, Scientists, and UFO researchers all agree on only one point. People do see UFO’s.

“It's unknown to them. So it's a UFO,” says Lauren Nelson, an astronomer.

Nelson navigates a photographic plane looking for UFO evidence. He doesn't expect to see aliens.

“I have a better chance of winning the Powerball,” he says.

As an amateur astronomer, Nelson looks out into the night sky to study the solar system. Looking into UFO sightings is not as easy.

He says, “People who are best qualified to see it, never see it.”

The Minnesota chapter of Mutual UFO Network, MUFON, investigates 20 - 30 sightings every year.

“There was a light in the sky,” says Richard Moss, MUFON.

Moss is a retired science teacher and MUFON state director, and has personally witnessed a UFO, and can tell real from fake.

He says, “Change of colors. Change of shape. The fast getaway. They're there. They're gone.”

MUFON talks to people who have seen aliens. And been onboard a spacecraft as well.

“The big question isn't even where they're from. It's what or who are they or what do they want here,” says Moss.

Kratt says, “We are pretty nice people in Minnesota.”

The people who have seen these so-called aliens, have given MUFON clear descriptions.

Craig Lang, MUFON investigator, says the one he saw was “Three or so feet tall, long arms four fingers. Big black eyes, no hair. Kind of grayish.”

Lang says statistically, research shows there are 1-2 close encounters in the Twin Cities everyday. He shows us a four-finger handprint, reportedly from someone not like us. Lang uses hypnosis on witnesses who claim they were abducted.

“I've interviewed enough people that lead me to believe that there's something very unusual going on,” says Lang.

“If they landed on my lawn, I wouldn't want to go peacefully, says Kratt.

Getting people to talk on TV about their close encounters is nearly impossible says Lang.

He says, “There's a big fear of ridicule.”

And no absolute proof, says U of M astronomy and physics professor Robert Gehrz.

“As a scientist, I have never seen a piece of credible evidence that we have been visited from outer space,” says Gehrz.

There is so much in the sky that can be misinterpreted as flying saucers.

Gehrz says, “I get a lot of calls about UFOs when Venus becomes a bright evening or morning star.”

Or Jupiter, which is also a bright planet. Or planes flying from a distance. Or satellites.

Nelson says, “I've seen three satellites traveling as a group.”

Last summer, several people in the Twin Cities thought this was a UFO. Turns out it was a pretty balloon.

Moss says, “Balloons probably are responsible for some of the number of sightings.”

Since man can remember, there have been UFO sightings. Ed Kratt's story is one of thousands.

I'm just a normal guy you know that just happened to see something that was unexplainable,” says Kratt.

According to the National UFO Reporting Center, California has the most UFO sightings followed by Washington state.

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  1. To quote - "...Moss is a retired science teacher and MUFON state director, and has personally witnessed a UFO, and can tell real from fake."

    Moss has seen an "unidentified flying object" and, because of this, he knows a "real unidentified flying object" from a "fake" one. Okaaaaayyy.

    Is it ANY wonder that Ufology is considered by many to be "kooky"?



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