Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Meteors Light Up NZ Skies

Meteor NZ

NZ City
New Zealanders who keep their eyes on the skies in the coming night may be treated to quite a sight.

     Meteor showers are being seen up and down the country.

     Astronomers say the showers are usual this time of the year, and spokesman for the Palmerston North Astronomical Society Noel Munford says they are caused by comets which have passed by the Earth, leaving debris in their wake.

     He says meteor activity is a spectacular instant, where something bursts into prominence in a matter of seconds.

     Noel Munford says it is a glorious sight, and is worth wrapping up to go out and have a look.

     One Matamata man says he's never seen anything like the blaze of light he witnessed last night.

     Paul Denyer was travelling towards the Kaimai ranges when he saw a meteor burst across the horizon.

     He first thought it was an aircraft crashing, but realised it was travelling far too fast.

     Mr Denyer says it was an incredible sight, like a huge firework exploding.

     He says he has seen meteor showers before, but nothing as big as this.


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