Friday, February 18, 2005

Alien Intent—Human Explication

Alien Intent—Human Explication

     There are a multitude of not only Ufologists, but also scientists, and on the other side, self-proclaimed skeptics, debunkers, pelicanists etc., who seem to have an inside track on the psychology of ET. In listening to some, one would think that they’ve had intimate encounters with our so-called visitors (embracing the ETH for the moment), and or have studied their societies for years. (If in fact they have societies at all).

Many suggest their motives, and why things happen or don’t,
Frank Warren
By Frank Warren
The UFO Chronicles
for example, in regards to Roswell, some have stated that, a crash of an ET craft isn’t possible because ET would be too far advanced in their respective technologies for that to happen.

Still others claim that ET is just as fallible as we humans, regardless of their superiority over us. Scientists of course say ET can’t be here, because "we can’t get there."

Skeptics have often echoed the sentiments that if UFOs were indeed alien spacecraft, then they would obviously make contact with the governments of the earth. Conspiracists theorize they indeed already have, and work in conjunction with a macabre faction of the powers-that-be.

Theologians, who seem to know what the supreme ET of all is thinking, say that “we are alone.”

Some very esteemed Ufologists have suggested that ET has been visiting the planet since the first detonation of the A-bomb; that much like Star Trek a Federation of Planets is concerned, much akin to children playing with a gun.

Within these various dogmas lies a common thesis; they are all based from human logic; therefore, the foundation to which they (said dogmas) are predicated upon is non-existent! I submit that trying to deduce alien intentions/ideologies with human explication to quote one of my favorite extraterrestrials (speaking of Star Trek) “is not logical!”

Barring abductions, there isn’t enough data to surmise any alien ideology of any sort; to suggest otherwise is nonsensical. In order to postulate a theorem about an extraterrestrial life form at the very least, some facts are obligatory; for example, are they carbon based? Do they require sustenance? Are they societal? Do they possess emotions, etc?

Without further data there is only speculation; that speculation is futile, unless ET is analogous to the human species. Naturally that notion can’t be ruled out either, given the lack of information.

Ultimately, in order to validate the various licenses taken by so many, the preface must be, “if ET is akin to the human species, then I believe . . .” as it is currently impossible to presume “alien” intent by human explication.


  1. Could there be any clearer statement than yours, Frank, of the
    "alien scenario"?

    Nicely put, and lucid too.


    Rich Reynolds

  2. F.O.I.A. - Thank God for a few insightful folks and their drive to ensure our freedoms. Some people's interpretations of freedom is too selective. Having been in the military, I understand their reasons for thinking we can't handle knowing the true. Because the Military is afraid of UFOs, they think we can't possibly keep our heads. Of course, this is loot ecrus! Ufo and the alien possibility actually means HOPE. Hope for a chance of peaceful thought and tolerance for differences. You know, differs in idea/ideals makes it all interesting and fends off boredom & pointlessness. Randy - Rj


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