Monday, November 08, 2021

So You Think You Found Aliens – Now What?

Alien Radio Signal From Proxima Centauri

NASA would like for you to be really, really, sure it’s aliens.
     There’s a growing consensus in the scientific community that there’s alien life out there, somewhere, in some form or another. It’s only a matter of time and scientific rigor before we find it.

By David Axe
The Baily Beast
If this summer’s spasm of excitement over “UFO sightings” is any indication, the public is primed to run with any evidence, however thin, that we’re not alone in the universe. Even if our extraterrestrial company is merely some microbe, living or long-dead.

Anticipating mounting evidence of alien life, and also anticipating that the media might mischaracterize that evidence, NASA’s good-natured chief scientist wants to put some guardrails on the story—by placing potential evidence of alien life on a seven-step scale that ranges from interesting to definitive.

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